Friday, December 18, 2009

Break cycle

D caught the cold I had before my surgery, and I'm pretty sure I'm P+2 today. We didn't use any days of fertility since he was sick. I had serious ovary pain on Wednesday, which I'm pretty sure was peak day. I'm pretty bloated still. We are going to a wedding this weekend and I was trying on dresses, and D commented on how bloated I am and how I look pregnant in one of the dress. I'm not wearing that one, obviously since I don't want to look pregnant if I don't actually get to be pregnant. Thankfully we don't have any more weddings that I know of until about 2.5 months after my next surgery.

I'm not too concerned about a break cycle now since it's unlikely that anything will happen before I get the endo removed and the uterine inflammation treated. I have pretty much moved on to not have a chance of having a child before 2011 since we wouldn't really have a chance until my April cycle. I'm hoping that Dr. H will have some results of the cortisol b/w and the cultures from the surgery by the first of the year. I'll hopefully have some treatment started by the time my next surgery happens.

My mom is coming from Qatar for my surgery (which was moved to March 8), and she has been buying all the plane tickets and get the hotel reserved and everything. D is staying in Omaha until Friday, and my mom is flying back with me and then staying at our house through the weekend since D will be working.


  1. Sorry about the cycle break. We had to wait about 6 weeks after surgery to resume any ttc attempts. I think you have a great idea of what to expect. I am so happy your mom will be able to be with you.

  2. Talk to you soon!

    Don't get too crazy thinking about the dates of it all (when you'll get pg, when you'll have the baby, etc).
    When you are finally blessed with a pregnancy, you won't care what year it is, trust me :)
    I am extremely bloated and pg-looking too lately! It's horrible!

  3. that is great that your mom is coming to be with you!

    it would be fun to meet up in the new year.. look forward to hearing when you might be in town!