Monday, March 30, 2009

B/W results (lots of numbers) Updated

I got my b/w result today. According to Dr. Hilgers, the only concern is thyroid function due to the low ratio of T3/RT3. I'm supposed to be receiving information for the temps and pulse study in the mail soon. I know a few other people have done this so I'd appreciate any feedback.

Day 5 FSH= 7.3 mIU/ml (normal is 8.1+/-2.1 so it's normal)
Day 8 Estradiol= 4.1 ng/dL (the unit commonly seen is pg/ml so you multiply by 10, which would be 41 pg/ml)
Day 10 Estradiol= 9.6 ng/dL (or 96 pg/ml)
Day 12 Estradiol= 8.6 ng/dL (or 86 pg/ml)
Day 14 Estradiol= 13.6 ng/dL (or 136 pg/ml)
Day 16 Estradiol= 30.7 ng/dL (or 307 pg/ml)
Day 18 Estradiol (O-1 or Peak E2 according to graph)= 62.4 ng/dL (or 624 pg/ml)
Day 20 Estradiol (O+1)= 10.3 ng/dL (or 103 pg/ml)
P+3 Estradiol= 13.6 ng/dL (or 136 pg/ml) & Progesterone= 14.0 ng/mL (normal is 9.4+/-4.1)
Just as a note spotting started in between these two blood draws
P+5 Estradiol= 20.3 ng/dL (or 203 pg/ml) & Progesterone= 26.6 ng/mL (normal is 14.4+/-4.7)
P+7 Estradiol= 34.1 ng/dL (or 341 pg/ml) & Progesterone= 36.3 ng/mL (normal is 15.7+/-5.7)
P+9 Estradiol= 35.0 ng/dL (or 350 pg/ml) & Progesterone= 33.8 ng/mL (normal is 13.6+/-5.3)
P+11 Estradiol= 40.6 ng/dL (or 406 pg/ml) & Progesterone= 23.6 ng/mL (normal is 8.1+/-5.0)

Other P+7 results
Androstenedione= 2.0 ng/mL (normal range is 1.1-2.1)
DHEA-SO4= 118 mcg/dL (normal range is 92.8-219)
FSH= 3.7 mIU/ml (normal range is 1.9-5.9)
LH= 5.7 mIU/ml (normal range is 0.0-9.0)
Prolactin= 15.7 ng/mL (normal range is 3.0-20.0)
Total T4= 11.5 mcg/dL (normal range is 4.5-12.5)
T3 Uptake= 26.8% (normal range is 24.0-35.0
FTI= 3.1 (normal range is 1.1-4.4)
FT4= 1.4 ng/dL (normal range is 0.8-1.9)
TSH= 1.98 mcIU/mL (normal range is 0.4-4.0)
Total T3= 129 ng/DL (normal range is 70.0-170.0)
Reverse T3= 386 pg/mL (normal range is 90.0-350.0) so I'm just above normal
T3/RT3 Ratio= 3.3 (should be greater than 10)
Testosterone= 34.2 (normal range is 17.5-43.51)
Free Testosterone= 0.6 (normal range is 0.6-1.8)

I'm not clear on if the thyriod issue is hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. I think it's hypothyroidism, but I'm waiting to get my paperwork in the mail.

As you can see, my progesterone levels don't seem to be the cause of the spotting since they are actually pretty high. My progesterone levels, pre-peak estradiol levels, and post-peak estradiol levels are all above the high line on the graphs of normal values on the bottom of the results pages.

Note/Update: I don't know if the FSH:LH ratio of 1.0 is applicable for the luteal phase since these number are Peak+7 instead of the CD3 which is when the test is usually done looking for PCOS. PCOS has never been brought up as a likely cause of my infertility/ovulation issues.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


One step forward (earlier o), two steps back (spotting just after o).


Just a quick update. It looks like I oed on CD 16 (compared to the CD21 I had been having). The last three cycles have been CD 15, CD 19, and CD 16. Our timing was decent. I'm hoping that my b/w result will be back before the start of the next cycle.

D and I are going to Las Vegas for his birthday, and we leave on Wednesday so I won't be posting or reading then. We'll be back Sunday evening. I've been really bad about commenting, and I'll try to get better when I get back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frustrations over timing

I'm worried that our timing is going to be as good as I'd like.  D is always tired and not in the mood on workdays.  Hopefully, o day won't be until the weekend and we'll have a chance.  However, D is probably working all weekend again (he worked Saturday and Sunday last week too).  It's very frustrating to get turned down all the time, but I'm trying to surrender it.   I'm trying to be confident that God will bring us together at the right time, but it's really hard since using a day is the one aspect of TTC that I have any control over.  I hate feeling like I'm doing all the work and like I'm forcing D.  It's CD 16 and I'm on day 5 of good 10C/K.  My best guess that o will be between Saturday (CD 18) and Tuesday (CD 21).  The good news is that I've been feeling better for the past couple days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still sick

I went to my GP dr on Wednesday, and I have a sinus infection and a possible double ear infection. I've been on antibiotics (and a bunch of other stuff) since then and I'm finally starting to feel a bit better.

I'm on CD 12 and since I've been taking the antibiotics and Mucinex-D, I've have weird CM. *TMI ahead* I've had 6K/8K and globby brown tinted 8C. Hopefully it will normalize soon.

I still really need to sit down and write a long post. However, now I must eat.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Pain in the Face

I have a really nasty sinus infection right now.  I've felt bad for over a week now, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.  My cheeks are very sore and my nose is gross.  I've been doing sinus rinse a couple times a day, and I've been taking meds.  If I don't see some improvement by tomorrow, I think I'm going to need to go to the dr. 

It's CD 7 and I'm down to spotting.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CD 1...Cycle 18 (quick update)

I had just been spotting/very light bleeding until today, so I either had a longer or shorter LP than normal (13 days or 9 days as opposed to the 12 days it had been for the past few months).  So I'm counting today as CD 1. I'm getting cramps too, but they're not too bad yet.  Last chance for 2009 baby.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blood draws are done!!!

My arms are very happy. I'll be sending the blood off tomorrow, and then I have to wait a while for the results.

The spotting returned yesterday at 10 DPO/Peak+8, but it's relatively light especially compared to what I've had previously. I've been feeling a bit sick, my sinuses and throat hurt and I just feel a bit lethagic. I pretty much have just sat around for the past two days, and I slept most of yesterday. I had some stuff I wanted to do around the house and in the yard, but I just haven't felt up to it. I'm hoping that I'll feel better tomorrow, it will be a long day otherwise.

Tuesday will most likely be CD 1, and our final chance for 2009. However, I don't expect anything to happen until I'm undergoing some sort of treatment. I'm supposed to call in July to get my surgery hopefully scheduled in December. I think there's a good chance that we won't really have a shot until next year; we'll be lucky to have a baby by the end of 2010.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I did my Peak+7 yesterday.  I went with my gut and I think that it'll be a more accurate representation of my cycle.  I've only got two more blood draws, and my arms are really glad.  I'll be sending the blood to PPVI on Monday.  

There is some decent news cyclewise, the bleeding was really only on Sunday and was almost gone as of Monday and hasn't come back yet.

I need to do a longer post soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates and a dilemma

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm still having computer issues. I'm still working on my Honest Scrap, and I'll try to get that posted in the next couple days.

I'm pretty sure that I oed (based on temps and fluid quality and quantity) on Wednesday, which was CD 19. We did use Wednesday, but we didn't use any other days that would have a chance of being fertile. However, I had small amounts of 10KLx1 on Thursday and Friday, so my peak wouldn't be until Friday. However, since I'm doing my hormone series b/w right now, I need opinions on how to label it. Do I base everything off Peak on Wednesday or Friday? I also started bleeding this morning (at O+3, Peak+1), so I'll like to have the progesterone information from yesterday. If I count Friday as peak I won't have progesterone info since it would only be Peak+1. I need opinions by Wednesday, since that's when I might need to do my big Peak+7.

I really hope that the bloodwork finds something, so that we might have a chance before December/January (which is when I'm planning to do the lap, SHSG, u/s series). However if I have tube blockage or LUFS (incomplete ovulation), then there's not a chance before then anyways.

I still need to do a bigger post, but I'll have to get to it later.