Monday, November 28, 2011

Cold help please!

I need some suggestions for any natural cold remedies because I seem to be getting a cold and I don't want to get K sick if I can avoid it.  I am breastfeeding so it needs to not adversely affect lactation.  TIA!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Football Game and More

We are continuing to do baby-led solids, and they are going relatively well. K definitely has an independent streak and won't let us put food into her mouth. If she want the food, whe will either pick it up herself or she will let you put it in her hand. She really likes avocado, apples, carrots and green beans. I think she likes peaches but is having issues with the slipperiness since I have gotten frozen and canned. I am continuing to steam her food until it is just tender. I peel carrots but leave the skin on apples. She doesn't eat a whole lot, but she does like to stuck on the carrot, apple and green bean. It's nice to be able to sit her in her chair and she can feed herself while I eat my own food.

K had an appointment on Tuesday for her shots. She had gained about a pound and weighs 15 lb, 1 oz now. She is pulling up like crazy. She also started hands and knees crawling, which is really funny because she is so deliberate when she does it. She really likes the times when we are around other kids. She likes to see adults, but she doesn't want to be held even by her grandparents, aunts and uncles. She gives us about 10 seconds, and then she gets this look on her face and starts to scream, even we are right next to her.

K went to her first A&M game this weekend as an outside baby (she went to 3 last year while I was pregnant with her).

She did really well. We got little pink ear protection ear muffs for her, and she wore them the whole game. She spent some time in the Beco Gemini carrier, some just sitting on our laps and nurse and napped under the blanket. She's also getting better about car rides and pretty much slept the whole trip to my ILs', most of the way to A&M ady tnd back, and most of the way home.

We are ready to start trying for #2, but I'm not even cycling yet. I'm not going to wean her until she is at least a year because I'd rather not mess with more bottles and formula than necessary. I'd like to wait until she doesn't want to do it anymore. Hopefully as she starts to actually eat more solids I'll start cycling, but right now I'm just back to waiting again. It's definitely easier than before I got pregnant with K, but waiting seems to be something that God thinks I need to do a lot.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bow holder winner

The winner is Little Joann!  Send me an email at mrsblondies at gmail dot com, so you can tell me the color, theme, etc, and give me your address.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

K is 7 months old

K is 7 months old today.  She wears 6-9 month clothes generally and is wearing medium size prefolds.  She's probably about 15 pounds.  She takes 4-7 ounces a day of formula and still nurses a lot.  She has started to try solid food more regularly this past week.  We are doing the baby led solids.  She likes carrots and Granny Smith apples that I have steamed until tender but not mushy.  She also eats oat bread with spread with pureed chicken or turkey and mashed peas.

She's is still scooting and not crawling on her hands and knees.  She has figured out how to crawl over things and is starting to pull up on things a bit.  She is super curious and loves to try to find things that we don't want her to get into.  She recently figured out that she has a voice and has started to "talk".  She makes little sounds, but not really constanant babble.

Check out the bowholder giveaway.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bow Holder Giveaway

I made this bow holder for K.  I am going to give away a custom bow holder to be picked randomly from whoever comments on this post by the night of Friday, November 11, and I will try to announce the  by Saturday, November 12.  K's has a turtle since her room is turtle themed and a place to put headbands.  The winner will get to choose the letter, a theme and the colors.  Good luck!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pictures of K

I hadn't loaded pictures onto my computer in a while, and I finally got around to it.  Here are some pictures of K from the past couple months.
K's first solids, avocado.  She likes it.

"Reading" a book by now Pope Benedict XVI.

K in her Tigger outfit with Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet.

In her crocheted outfit getting ready to come home from the hospital.
Same outfit at 6 months.

Baby led solids.  She doesn't always take a bite, but she definitely likes the bread when she's in the mood.

Halloween. My parents got her a drindl in Germany.  My brother said she's St. Edith Stein as a baby since we couldn't come up with any other German saints.