Medications when we conceived

Here are the meds and vitamins that I was on the cycle we conceived
T3 22.5 mg twice daily
cortisol 5 mg four times daily
prenatal vitamin, plus additional vitamin C, E, folic acid and iron, daily
cod liver oil (830 mg) and flax oil (1000 mg) daily
vitamin B6 500 mg sustained release daily
Pain and Brain supplement for inflammation, 3 capsules twice daily
antibiotic for both me and my husband, this cycle CD 6-15
mucinex 600 mg twice a day from CD 10 until P+3
benadryl 1 capsule twice a day from P+5 to P+9 (Little Joann and TCIE mentioned this on the Catholic IF yahoo group I read)

I had two acupuncture treatments, one with ear points only P+3 and one with the full treatment P+6.   

We used P-1 (and kind of used P-2...if you remember this post), but we didn't use Peak day or any of the count of 3.  

I had bleeding (not just spotting) from P+4 to P+9.