Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just waiting

I'm about P+8 or 9, so a new cycle should be starting Sunday or Monday.  I hopefully will have just a started a new cycle right before my surgery, but it might be pretty close.  My bbs just started hurting again.  This is the third or fourth month that I've had it, but I hadn't had any bb pain in the months before and I don't know why it suddenly started happening.  I'm over halfway between my surgeries.

The sad situations that TCIE and Sew makes me feel even more down that I already was.  Please go give them some support and keep them in your prayers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Facial Care System

I need to find a new face wash, etc.  I have combination skin with very mild roseacea /redness.  I'd prefer something of higher quality than a drugstore brand (unless it's super awesome), so I'd say moderately priced.  Thanks for your help.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weird dreams, etc.

Last night I had a weird dream.  I wasn't pregnant, but for some reason people who I wasn't going to see for a while were giving me presents of maternity clothes and baby clothes.  It was very odd and I felt a bit embarrassed.  About a week or so ago, I had a dream that was clearly based on AYWH adopting Clara.  In this dream, somehow we had been offered a preemie to adopt even though we weren't actually actively pursuing adoption.  I'm pretty sure that K and R were with us in the dream.

I'm think I might have ovulated about 2-3 days ago (Monday or Tuesday), but yesterday was peak day based on my current instructions.  My ovary pain ended after Monday.  We only used Saturday morning.  I'm getting close to the halfway point between surgeries.  I have about 6 weeks left.

I'm going to post a picture of my pill boxes (I have three for my meds and vitamins).  My vitamins are in one, my nighttime Hydrocort and antacid in another, and other Hydrocort doses and T3, plus the antibiotics in the third).  I got one of the 4 a day pill things where you can pop out the day's worth of pills separately.  Here's what I'm taking:
Hydrocort (5 mg 4x daily, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime)
T3 (22.5 mg 2x daily, 9am & 9 pm)

Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal (6 daily)
Vitamin B-complex (50 mg, 1 daily)
Vitamin C with rosehips (250 mg, 3 daily)
Vitamin E (200 mg, 1 daily)
Flax Oil (1 tbsp daily in breakfast smoothie)
Fish Oil (1 daily)
These both D and I are taking:
Clarithromycin antibiotic (500 mg 2x daily, for 21 days...we've got about a week left)

Fluconazole (150 mg 1x daily, yesterday, today, and tomorrow...they found even more yeast in the cultures)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news and annoying news

The good news: I have 10C/KL, so I'll probably ovulate pretty soon and I'll most likely be pre-peak for my surgery (I still have to get through ovulation next cycle to guarantee it).

The annoying news: My ovaries are have spend the past two days trying to get out of my abdomen (at least that's how it feels).  We also haven't used any days since Monday and I'd be surprised if we used tonight since Friday is his day he hangs out with one of his friends and rarely is home before midnight.  I'm not so much worried for this cycle, but our timing has almost always been not what I'd like (by D's choice).  Best case usually is using 3 days before peak and peak day.  I'd much rather use the day before peak, but every other day for 5 days rarely seems to work out.  I'm worried that we are going to waste all our time after surgery due to crappy timing, and I can't see any way to help the situation.  I'm waiting for D to decide when he's going to do his repeat and more formal SA. I have a feeling it'll be at the last minute just before my surgery.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On a somewhat related topic

I think I may eventually need to go back to school to study biomedical science (I could hopefully do a masters or PhD program) because other than homeschooling, one of the things I'd really like to do is to actually be involved in the research into infertility (as a researcher not a participant).  If only I'd know this 8-10 years ago in college before I started my graduate work (which I didn't end up finishing) in developmental psychology (which I did love, I just couldn't stand the writing part and a couple other things).  Another thing I'd like to do if I went back to school is statistics, which I did really well in during graduate school.  I want to figure out what I'm going to do if I can't stay home or be a nanny.

Endo ladies- research study

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, please consider participating in this study by Juneau Biosciences.
 They are looking at the genetic component of endometriosis, and they mail you a kit to collect your saliva sample, family history, and endometriosis related medical records.  Hopefully this can help women in the future (possibly our daughters).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cortisol, etc.

I got my results from the cortisol draw (11.4 at 9am), and Dr. H wants me to do the low-dose cortisone since it was on the low side of normal and due to the my answers to the adrenal questionnaire.  I got the letter late today, so I'll be talking to the PPVI nurses tomorrow.  D and I also have been on the 21-day antibiotic regimen again.  The worst part is the horrible taste in my mouth that develops after I take the pill.

To Misfit, I don't think that any sort of hormonal intervention would work at this point in my cycle, plus I don't want to use up any time on hormonal support before my surgery when it's less likely to result in a pregnancy (assuming of course that once I'm cleaned out I'll actually be able to get pregnant).  It is my first full cycle after my lap so maybe that's why ovulation is delayed.  I wouldn't have thought that it would be holiday stress since the cycle didn't even start until after Christmas.   I guess I should assume that next cycle will be a break cycle unless I ovulate this week sometime or have late ovulation that cycle and don't ovulate until after the surgery.  I would be nice to be pre-peak and close to ovulation at the time of my surgery so I could do the u/s series.  I'd like to get the series done but if it doesn't happen this time, it won't happen in Omaha.  I wish I could get it done locally.

I'm feeling a bit down right now.  My grandma feel again and broke a rib.  She has problems with nerve transmission and it's really easy for her to fall down due to that.  I'm tired of waiting for my surgery since I was hoping everything would be fixed last month.  It's been 18 months since I found out about Creighton charting and over a year since I received my letter from Dr. H saying that I'd need to have the surgery done and that he suspected endometriosis.  

CD 15 waiting

I'm on CD 15 and I'm not having any peak type mucus yet, just 8C.  I'm hoping this cycle isn't super long and doesn't put us in post-peak time for surgery.  I don't get why my body would do a lovely CD 15 ovulation a week after surgery, but can't even manage to start gearing up by then the cycle after.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just a quick update. My endometrial cultures from my surgery came back with an unusual strain of yeast so D and I will be taking Di.flucan later this week.  I'm still waiting to hear if there will be any other treatment for my chronic endometritis (chronic inflammation of the uterine lining) before my surgery.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review 2009

My 2009 year in review
January- I get Dr. Hilgers reply to my letter.  I actually manage to ovulate on CD 15 (earliest I'm aware of).
February- I start my blood draws for the hormone series.
March- I finish my blood draws and get the results for my hormone series.  Everything looks good except my T3 levels.
April- D and I go to Las Vegas for his 27th birthday.
May- I start T3.  A long cycle starts.
June- D and I go to his best friend's wedding.  Long cycle finally stops.
July- Our 2nd anniversary.
August- I had the scary bleeding, and the surgery at PPVI was scheduled.
September- Not too much happening.
October- My 29th birthday.  Our house almost floods during a flash flood.
November- I have a weird pain after eating for a few days but it goes away.
December- I have my surgery and need a second surgery because the endometriosis was too widespread.