Monday, January 11, 2010

Cortisol, etc.

I got my results from the cortisol draw (11.4 at 9am), and Dr. H wants me to do the low-dose cortisone since it was on the low side of normal and due to the my answers to the adrenal questionnaire.  I got the letter late today, so I'll be talking to the PPVI nurses tomorrow.  D and I also have been on the 21-day antibiotic regimen again.  The worst part is the horrible taste in my mouth that develops after I take the pill.

To Misfit, I don't think that any sort of hormonal intervention would work at this point in my cycle, plus I don't want to use up any time on hormonal support before my surgery when it's less likely to result in a pregnancy (assuming of course that once I'm cleaned out I'll actually be able to get pregnant).  It is my first full cycle after my lap so maybe that's why ovulation is delayed.  I wouldn't have thought that it would be holiday stress since the cycle didn't even start until after Christmas.   I guess I should assume that next cycle will be a break cycle unless I ovulate this week sometime or have late ovulation that cycle and don't ovulate until after the surgery.  I would be nice to be pre-peak and close to ovulation at the time of my surgery so I could do the u/s series.  I'd like to get the series done but if it doesn't happen this time, it won't happen in Omaha.  I wish I could get it done locally.

I'm feeling a bit down right now.  My grandma feel again and broke a rib.  She has problems with nerve transmission and it's really easy for her to fall down due to that.  I'm tired of waiting for my surgery since I was hoping everything would be fixed last month.  It's been 18 months since I found out about Creighton charting and over a year since I received my letter from Dr. H saying that I'd need to have the surgery done and that he suspected endometriosis.  


  1. I totally understand the frustration Mrs. Blondies! I'm not a very patient person and IF has definitely taught me that everything is out of my control. I wish that I had my surgeries done FOUR years ago when we first started TTC, but obviously that wasn't meant to be.

    Just think, you have one of the best doctors treating you. March will be here before you know it (I still can't believe that it's already January 11th!).

    Btw, I have no advice about cortisol. I'm on low dose Naltrexone, not cortisol.

  2. Hey girlie,

    I am sorry that there is so much worry going on! I agree with you on how stressful being in a time of waiting.
    J and I both hated those nasty pills! They leave your mouth tasting like metal.
    I am counting down your surgery with you!!! I can't wait until you announce you are pregnant! I am so hopeful for you!!!!!

    Praying as always :)

  3. I am sorry to hear about your grandma!
    You have been waiting a long time! :( but all that will pay off soon. You are in such good hands-I know people who dream of surgery by Dr. H! You sound like you are on such a good path for healing now. The 21 antibiotic regime works! And btw, water helps a ton and so does chewing gum-I love the orange trident. Will you then start taking them cyclically?

  4. Mrs. Blondies - yep, I think the frustration trolls are running rampant these days. There always seems to be so much waiting, waiting, and oh while we are at, let's throw in some more waiting! :) Okay, hopefully, the time will pass quickly over the next few weeks. Just think your surgery is during Lent (very appropriate for the suffering you have had to endure) and hopefully shortly after Easter you will be all ready to try again. That sounds pretty cool! You will continue to be in my prayers!

  5. It's worth giving the cortisol a shot. I was on it last year for about 7 months but asked to be removed from the study because it caused me some undesired weight gain. But the way Dr. H sold it to me, it sounded like it can be very effective...for certain women who were clearly in "adrenal fatigue". I was just borderline.

    Prayers for you!

  6. I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated and have the added stress from your grandma. It can feel like such a long process, but it will be so worth it. To be treated by Dr. H is such a gift. That surgery will be here before you know it and then onward and upward!