Saturday, May 28, 2011

So she's a bit high maintanence

K is a super sweet, alert and smiley baby, when she's calm. The thing is that she's not calm all that much.  First of all she eats every two hours or less. Second, she isn't very good at napping.  She rarely naps for more than 30 minutes and that's usually in my arms or the Maya Wrap; when she naps much more than an hour she doesn't sleep well at night.  She often gets very upset right going to sleep.  I just watch Happiest Baby on the Block, and I'm hoping that will help.

She generally gets upset pretty quickly if I have to put her down in her swing or rocker while I shower,etc.  I don't mind holding her most of the time; she's still so young. However, I wish she didn't get hysterical so quickly. Usually she will have at least one or two good 15-30 minute stretch of happy play time, which I use to let her play on her activity mat or do tummy time.  I am thankful that she usually sleeps decently at night and rarely cries then, but she needs to be touching me to sleep.

She doesn't have colic or reflux; she just likes to be held and when she wants something she wants it now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fertile signs at 6 1/2 weeks?

I haven't started full-on charting yet, but I think I'll need to now.  K turned 6 weeks on Friday, and she's exclusively breastfed and eats every 2 hours or sooner except at night where she might go 4-5 hours.  On Sunday I had some spotting and yesterday I had spotting mixed with 10KL.

We are going to start trying for #2 in not too long, but I'd like to get a bit of a break from spotting/bleeding.  I had spotting/bleeding post-peak the cycle she was conceived, I had it off and on for weeks in the first and second trimester, I had bleeding during labor, and I had just stopped spotting/bleeding after birth around 4 weeks.  We haven't resumed intercourse since her birth but we'll see how long that takes since she almost never sleeps that's not on or next to someone.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How cloth diapers are working for us so far

We've been using the cloth diapers most of the time since her cord fell off at about 1 week old.  Here's a link to the post where I talked about the plan for my cloth diaper stash

So far we've been using:
2 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Prefold Newborn (Orange)
6 Thirsties X-small Covers
Snappi Size 1 Triple Pack
Baby washcloths (I have about 2 dozen I think) as wipes
2 Fuzzibunz Hanging Diaper Bags
G Diaper Flushable Inserts (when we travel)
Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large

I also have but haven't yet used:
6 Flip One-Size Covers with Snaps 
2 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Prefold Small (Yellow) 
2 Fuzzibunz One Size Diapers 

She is still wearing the XS Thirsties cover as tight as it goes, so it'll be a while before we need to go to a bigger cover.  The Flip covers right now don't seem snug enough on her legs.  Hopefully as she gets bigger they'll fit, but if not I'll get the bigger sizes of the Thirsties.  I love the Thirsties covers since the elastic around her thighs and back is snug.  When she has worn disposable diapers, she tends to leak (necessitating a clothing change) whenever she has a dirty diaper.  She hasn't had that happen that I can remember when she has a prefold that is snappied and her Thirsties cover.  The cover rarely even gets dirty with the prefold.  

When we went on our long (5 day) trip, we took her Thirsties covers and used the G diaper (small) liners.  Since the G diaper liners aren't fitted, the cover still got dirty.  However, we had much less need of clothing changes since the Thirsties covers kept it in.  We'll definitely do the same thing again when we travel next.

I keep the washcloths that I use as wipes in an empty wipes container.  I have a little travel bottle with a top that pulls up (like on a water bottle) that I put my wipes solution in and then I can squirt it on the washcloth.  To make the wipes solution, I just use a couple drops of baby wash in water that I boil and then let cool.

I do diaper laundry every day or day and a half.  I usually wash when I have about 6 prefolds left.  I wash the washclothes and prefold together.  First I do a cold rinse with no detergent.  Then I do a hot wash cycle with detergent (making sure not to use too much) and an extra rinse.  I dry the prefolds on regular.  I usually wash the covers and the hanging pail with a load of light or dark laundry on cold or warm, and then I line/hang dry them.

She had a diaper rash for about 2 weeks, and some of that time we used the disposable, but I was able to use the prefolds by getting some muslin and cutting it into little strips which I folded in half and put over the area that had cream on it.  I washed the strips separately from my prefolds and covers. 

I'll post my thoughts on the Fuzzibunz and Flips when I use them. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where for art thou, Prayer Buddy?

I know I've been away for awhile, but life has been kind of busy around here.  Between taking care of K, taking an online class, and traveling, I haven't had much time to post.

I still haven't heard from my Lenten prayer buddy, so I'm wondering who it was.

K is 5 weeks old as of yesterday. She's doing very well. I don't know her current weight since she has been back to the pediatrician since her 4 day visit and doesn't go back until 2 months.  She's still a great breastfeeder. She generally gives us a good chunk of sleep (4+ hour block) at night and usually goes back to sleep for a couple more hours after her night nursing. She usually takes pretty short daytime naps and doesn't want to sleep long anywhere other than on someone.  Thankfully I can get on the computer while she's eating or sleeping, especially if I put her in the Sleepy Wrap (it's like a Moby with slightly stretchier fabric).  She still gets pretty mad and screams when she wants something.  She'll sit in her swing and be calm sometimes and I put here in there so I can shower.  D has been great when he's around.  Since I'm not working, I generally do most of the night stuff so he can get enough sleep to be functional at work.

Here are some pictures of K and I'll try to post more and some video soon.

Family picture Easter 2011
Me holding K