Saturday, May 28, 2011

So she's a bit high maintanence

K is a super sweet, alert and smiley baby, when she's calm. The thing is that she's not calm all that much.  First of all she eats every two hours or less. Second, she isn't very good at napping.  She rarely naps for more than 30 minutes and that's usually in my arms or the Maya Wrap; when she naps much more than an hour she doesn't sleep well at night.  She often gets very upset right going to sleep.  I just watch Happiest Baby on the Block, and I'm hoping that will help.

She generally gets upset pretty quickly if I have to put her down in her swing or rocker while I shower,etc.  I don't mind holding her most of the time; she's still so young. However, I wish she didn't get hysterical so quickly. Usually she will have at least one or two good 15-30 minute stretch of happy play time, which I use to let her play on her activity mat or do tummy time.  I am thankful that she usually sleeps decently at night and rarely cries then, but she needs to be touching me to sleep.

She doesn't have colic or reflux; she just likes to be held and when she wants something she wants it now.