Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am going to be focusing more on K on this blog and try to not to vent about non-motherhood related family stuff.  I need to protect my family's privacy in these matters better than I have been.

K actually took a 1.5 hour nap yesterday morning.  I fed her avocado just before she went down so we'll see if that continues again or if it was just a pleasant fluke.  She didn't sleep well that night so that may have been why she took a longer nap today also.  We started banana today (not a huge hit, but we'll try again tomorrow) and then probably sweet potatoes next.  I haven't decided what to do follow that.  I started to offering solids twice a day yesterday.

K is getting even closer to crawling and is getting higher up on her arms and even lifting up on her legs a little.

Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I don't have the energy to get the button from Jen at Conversion Diary who hosts 7 Quick Takes.
1. K and I went to visit family in Austin for about 5 days last week.  She had a hard time until her daddy came out Sunday.
2. D learned that K really likes the Colts.  She sat (no hands) and watch them and didn't cry.  It's completely random since we live nowhere near there.
3. K is so close to crawling (despite the fact she's not even 6 months old yet).  She scoots across the room and no longer shoved her head down while doing it.
4. K started on solid foods on Tuesday.  This week is avocado.  She seems to like it, although she's not taking much (which I know is totally normal).  Next week is bananas, and then we are doing sweet potato.
5. K is still taking about 8 ounce of formula a day.  Hopefully as she takes more solids, we will be able to reduce the formula and just do solid and nursing.  We are still supplementing at the breast.
6. I'm struggling with how much time I'm spending by myself with K.  I don't need time away from her.  I just need help in the evening so I can eat dinner and get ready for bed without her in arms.  I need D home more night when he's not working.
7.  My mom bought me a Beco Gemini carrier and I'm loving it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 month appointment and pictures

K had her 5 month appointment today and she's 13 pounds, 4 ounces (25 percentile) and 24 inches tall (15 percentile).  She only gained 5 ounces in the past 2 weeks, but she gained about 2 pounds in the past month so we aren't too worried.  She's been a bit cranky the last few days, and we think she's in the early stages of teething.

We are probably going to start solids pretty soon.  She went back up to about 8 ounces of formula, which was slightly disappointing.
Sitting pretty.

In the sling with Momma.

Do you see the theme?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

K is 5 months

K turned 5 months today.  I won't know her weight until her appointment next Tuesday, but it should be 13 pounds, something ounces.  K is continuing to wean herself off the formula and is taking 5-6 ounces a day now.    She's still in her size small prefold diapers (hopefully for a little bit longer) but she moved up on the rise on her flips.  She's still in her 3-6 month clothes, and we probably have a while before we need to move up.

She's moves like crazy and generally won't stay still long enough to practice sitting, although she can balance with one hand and grab stuff.  She's not crawling yet, but she does move by scooting (shoving her head down, sticking her bottom in the air, and usually falling to the side) and rolling both ways.  She become very interested in toys (and things she shouldn't play with), and she has a zebra lovey.  We've been taking lots of walks in the M.aya Wra.p (especially at nap time) now that it's under 100.  It's actually pretty pleasant most days, weatherwise.

She's still not napping great, but she is occasionally sleeping longer than 30 minutes.  She seems to be teething, but we'll see on that.  She is quite social and loves her daddy so much.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm so tired right now.  Yesterday was extra bad on the nap front.  K took one good nap in the morning but then I had a terrible time getting her to sleep and ended up having to drive her around for 1.5 hours last night.  I was hoping to hang out with D and a couple friends but K was hysterical.  D has been working a lot (like he has had  not had a full day off since a week ago Monday) and he's working today and has to go out to mow my parents' lot on Sunday.  He does have Monday off.  Since he's working so much, he goes to hang out with his friend on Thursday and Friday evenings, which I understand, but I've pretty much been dealing with K by myself all day and I'm not really getting a break.

She's only occasionally napping longer than 30 minutes and won't go to bed until between 9:30 and 10:30 (and lately it's been 10:30).  Once she's down for the night, I still have stuff to do to get ready for the morning as well as getting a bit done for my class so I'm not in bed for another hour usually.  Then she's nursing off and on from 4 or 5 until she gets up, so I'll not sleeping great during that time.  Yesterday and today, she seems extra fussy and is even having a few spurts of hysterical crying so it's been extra rough.  She doesn't seem sick and doesn't have a fever or anything.  Being tired and frustrated is really starting to wear me down and I've had a couple crying spells myself.

I'm not getting anywhere near as much done for my class as I want to, and I need to get it done so D can not have to work quite as much.  I'm feeling resentful that I'm not getting it done and that when she freaks out when we are out, I have to leave and D can stay.  I feel lonely.  It's really frustrating because I don't know what to do.