Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rib weirdness and registry

I've been feeling a weird sensation up near my rib the last couple days.  Baby Blondie's not up anywhere near my ribs yet since I'm 18 weeks, 4 days.  I've been feeling him move a bit more, but I think that the anterior placenta is making it a lot harder to feel.  D is really hoping to feel him move soon, but we'll see if he cooperates or not.

I'm generally feeling ok, but yesterday I think I started have some reflux and I was having a hard time eating.  I still occasionally have to take nausea medication, but it's so much better than early on.

I started working on a list of what needs to get done before Baby Blondie gets here yesterday.  I also wrote up a list of all the stuff to get and/or put on the registry.  I've gotten a lot of the registry done but any suggestions on things that you loved or hated would be great.  My main registry is Target with Amazon for the things that aren't available at Target.  My first shower is in about 2 months (January 15), so I still have plenty of time.


  1. I've learned you don't get anything on your list...So don't have any expectations...Gift cards, clothes and people's generoisty have been such a beautiful expression of love. It's overwhelming....But we only got 3 things off the registry.

    Plus, I'm hearing that some kids like swings, some don't, some like bouncy seats, some dont, some like bumbos, some don't....So if we don't get any of them, it's okay, we will figure it out...

    I'm learning the stuff piles up quickly and it's overwhelming so I'm trying to be a complete minimalist.... ;)

  2. I wonder if your pain around your rib is on your right side? If it is, it could be gall bladder. Mine flares up when my hormones shift. Nothing really helps, other than making sure you don't eat anything too spicy or fatty to further aggravate it. If it's the other side, I have no idea!

    Also, I would highly recommend this newborn to toddler rocker:

    We LOVE it! It can rock or be stationary, and it can vibrate or not. Our son loves it so much that sometimes he sleeps in it through the night. It's like mom's arms :)

    Have fun!!!

  3. My only thought on the rib pain is "growing pains". I love your photo montage on the sidebar - it's fun to see you growing!

    As for registries, I will try to remember to send you my mega-registry spreadsheet. I do agree somewhat with Sew that people will certainly shop without any regard for what you have determined you need (and then not provide gift receipts)... but such is life. But, so far we have received many gifts off of our registry (about half of our registry is purchased with two showers done and one to go), so I am definitely not complaining. Also, our Target registry has been much more "fruitful" and Amazon has been utilized by a few out of town friends. Geez, this all sounds so consumeristic and spoiled. Sorry. Hope it's helpful.

  4. My guess is that the rib pain is from your intestines creeping their way up as the baby pushes them out of the way!

    Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? I've found that if you don't know-people stick to the registry more because they can't buy clothes and cutsie little things. One thing I've been told we can't live without is the Miracle Blanket. I've seen it work and it is unlike any other swaddler out there!

  5. I just mentioned to my doc on Tuesday that j was having rib pain and she said it's more than likely all my insides getting shifted and squished to make room for baby. So that may be it. But like SC said, if it's on your right it may be gallbladder. Especially if you are also having shoulder pain.

    I second Kaitlin. I've heard the Miracle Blanket is awesome! I've got 2 on my registry. :)

  6. Rib pain is a common complaint in pregnancy, it's from your muscles stretching to accommodate the baby. Mine got super bad, hope yours doesn't. Ice-packs work well to stop the pain.

  7. We really liked the swaddle me blankets and the incline positioner. A mobile is nice, too. Don't forget to register for those really practical things like the mattress cover and water proof pads for the changer. :)