Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Prayer Buddy Reveal

My prayer buddy was Shannon from A Friend of Gianna who is now private.  I was praying for her and MM as they discern the future of their relationship.  Shannon is such a sweet girl and it was a privilege to pray for her and to hear her voice during Sew's shower.  I prayed for her at Mass and during my weekly adoration time.

D and I went to his parents' house for Christmas.  We had a good time and got to relax a lot.  We talked to my family on Skype since everyone was in different places and we also talked to his sister and her husband who couldn't come down for Christmas.  Baby Blondie got quite few things for Christmas and he already has a shelf in the nursery and we haven't had the first shower yet.  D's parents got us the carseat, so it's installed in our new car that we bought on Thursday night (silver 2009 Ac.cord...I'll post a picture later).  I've have carseats in my car before with my work as a nanny, but last night I realized that I actually have our child's carseat in my car.  D is driving the car today because I have the day off and I need to clean our my old car which he'll be driving.  My sister-in-laws also got us onesies and other baby stuff for Christmas.  My mom's relatives are throwing me a shower in about 3 weeks in Austin since my grandma can't really travel.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone since it's been a few months since I was out there.

I have an ob appointment tomorrow and D hopefully will be able to come. I'm doing pretty well other than my silly nosebleeds and what I think is round ligament pain or stretching of my scar tissue from my laparatomy.  Baby Blondie has been moving around a lot (including as I type this) and kicked D in the face a couple times (he was laying his head on my tummy).  I also can feel kicks going on the inside or to my cervix.  My MIL seemed to be a bit worried that I hadn't gained enough weight but my ob hasn't said anything about it.


  1. I'm experiencing the same stretching b/c of my c-section scar. Glad the pg is moving right along. Too bad we don't live closer, our babies could be friends since they'll be so close in age lol.

  2. I'm so honored that you were my prayer buddy!!! thanks for all of your prayers!!! I needed them!!

  3. Merry Christmas, prayer buddy! I think you will really love the car-mine is silver too and we def make good use of all that trunk space! :) I think your weight gain is perfect, everyone is so unique in this area so I hope it didn't bother you. Nose bleeds can be such a pain. I hope they get better soon. A humidifier might help as I think dry air is one of the causes.