Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meal ideas?

I need some meal ideas for K (now 9 months old).  She loves to feed herself, although she will let me feed help her feed herself soup or applesauce type things.

Here what I have been giving her:
Breakfast: A slice of peach or steamed apple, applesauce, part of a no sugar fruit muffin made with whole wheat and oats.
Lunch: Sometimes I give her soup, a green bean or two, possibly some sweet potato, part the vegetable version of the muffin from breakfast.
Dinner: Similar to lunch, possibly with the addition of a meatball.

I need ideas that she can mostly feed to herself.  She has only 1 tooth so I cook/steam her most of her foods including fruits and vegetables.  She has had cheese and yogurt as well.  TIA.


  1. My little guy just turned a year and we have also done mostly baby led solids. Chicken legs- I cook them in the oven and then pull off any gristle he might be able to get off and then hand him the bone. I used to pull off alot of the meat too but now he can handle the whole thing). Frozen vegs have been very popular when he's had a tooth coming in- I give him frozen peas and carrots a lot but he is currently a big fan of chunks of frozen spinich. Green smoothies- I make a big one for breakfast and we share it- before we gave him strawberries I would make it with yogurt, spinich, a frozen bannana, and some frozen mixed fruit- lots of frozen fruit make it frozen yogurt consistency. Anything beans he loves! I often make bean heavy soups scoop some out for him and then up the spice for DH and I. I'm just thinking through what be ate today- hope that helps some!

  2. My best friend swears by scrambled eggs. Her baby is 10 months old though.