Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meal ideas?

I need some meal ideas for K (now 9 months old).  She loves to feed herself, although she will let me feed help her feed herself soup or applesauce type things.

Here what I have been giving her:
Breakfast: A slice of peach or steamed apple, applesauce, part of a no sugar fruit muffin made with whole wheat and oats.
Lunch: Sometimes I give her soup, a green bean or two, possibly some sweet potato, part the vegetable version of the muffin from breakfast.
Dinner: Similar to lunch, possibly with the addition of a meatball.

I need ideas that she can mostly feed to herself.  She has only 1 tooth so I cook/steam her most of her foods including fruits and vegetables.  She has had cheese and yogurt as well.  TIA.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Longer Outside...9 Month Quick Post

K is 9 months old today.  I'll trying to do a longer post after her appointment.   She isn't walking yet, but she is pulling up like crazy and cruising some.  She has started "talking" a lot and says dada all the time.  She very recently started eating significant amounts of solids at every meal and loves the vegetable/fruit (no sugar) muffins I've been making her.  She has 1 tooth on the bottom and seems to be teething for the one next to it.  She is really funny sometimes, but she's still pretty clingy to me even sometimes when it's just going to her dadda.