Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pregnancy #3, pregnancy after stroke

I found out about 2 weeks ago that we are pregnant with our third child due mid-September 2015.  Since I had the stroke in August 2013, I will be on blood thinners during the pregnancy once the doctors confirm that the pregnancy is viable. I don't have any real lasting effects from the stroke.  I have been on 325 mg aspirin since the stroke.

My first beta was 623 at P+16 and 9620 yesterday at P+24, which is a doubling time of 48.6 hours.  I had an ultrasound yesterday at 5 weeks, 3 days.  They were able to see a yolk sac and gestational sac but no fetal pole yet.  I go back for another ultrasound next Wednesday at 6 weeks, 3 days and hopefully there will be a heartbeat then.  I will then start on Lovenox.  I will go see the Maternal Fetal Medience (high risk doctor) at 12 weeks.


  1. Congratulations! Our prayers are with you and baby #3.

  2. Congratulations! Prayers for baby #3!