Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got off the patch at the beginning of May.  I had a 35 day cycle before I started charting.  We got married on July 14, but I ovulated on July 12 with was CD 35 (very annoying and very bad timing).  That cycle ended up being 46 days long.  My next cycle was 33 days (what I count as cycle #1) and I o'd on CD 21, our timing was ok but not great.  The next one (cycle #2) I got a cold, and we had really bad timing.  My ovulation was delayed until CD28, and I ended up with a 40 day cycle.  The next cycle (cycle #3) I didn't realize when I o'd (CD21) until I got AF.  Our timing was good, but no luck.  That cycle did help me realize that my cycles were getting pretty regular (though they aren't average).  My most recent cycle (cycle #4) I ovulated on CD21 (just after Thanksgiving).  We knew that we had really good timing, but still no luck.  It ends up working out because I'm in SIL's wedding in Aug. and I couldn't have made it if I was pg this time around.  I'm now on cycle #5, and today is CD7 and AF is still here.  I usually have 9+ days of AF and spotting.  I should o the day after Christmas, and I'm really hoping for a Sept. baby.

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