Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slings/carriers, hospital tour, baby shower pictures

I have a Moby and a Ergo on my registry, but I'm wondering if I should also get a ring sling.  Since I'll still be nannying, I'll definitely be wearing the baby a lot, especially for breastfeeding.  What carriers have you moms found best for breastfeeding?  Any ring sling recommendations?  Is it worthwhile to have all three carriers or if you had to pick two which would you go with?

We had our hospital tour this past weekend and it went pretty well.  They seem pretty reasonable and I don't think we'll have any major issues having our wishes followed.  I'm working on writing up my birth preferences and I'm going to take it to my next OB appointment on Tuesday and get her to sign off on them and send them to the hospital.  I'll post it once I'm done.

I'm doing the Hyp.nobabies Home Study Course to prepare for the birth.  I'm finishing up the readings for the fifth class, so I've got about a week before I start doing the maintenance portion.  D has read everything, but we haven't really done any of the practice together, which we need to start pretty soon since he can come anytime between 7 1/2 and 12 1/2 weeks from now since I'll be 30 weeks (craziness!) on Saturday.

I'm feeling pretty good except a bit of reflux sometimes and a little bit of discomfort when he wedges himself into certain positions.

My dad got back to so my mom posted some of the pictures from the baby shower.

Me and the cake

The beautiful and yummy carrot cake

D and I holding some of the onesies we got
The carseat (which we got for Christmas from MIL) that coordinates with the argyle onesie


  1. Cute pics! I have a feeling if you have more than one carrier, that you will just end up using your favorite. I had a baby bjorn that was borrowed and also a baby k'tan ring sling. I love love love my ring sling and my babies seem to like being carried in them as well. Charlie would actually sleep 3 hr naps in it regularly, which became an issue when he got too big and didn't want to sleep in his bed :) Now I like carrying AJ in it around the house when he is awake and at places like target with their tiny carts that don't fit two kids plus groceries! I didn't like the bjorn when they were little, I felt it swallowed them up and we mostly used it for walks.

  2. So glad you're feeling good! That is one cute cake!

  3. Love this! Okay, I totally did the hypnobabies home study course with my first! I really loved it! I know you didn't ask for tips with this, but here are a couple things. If you go into labor in the night, get some sleep! I listened to my tapes all night because I was so excited, and it led to serious exhaustion later on in my labor.
    Also, I was dumb and nervous about pushing, and I didn't want my ipod to run out of battery so I stopped listening to my tapes for awhile. At this point, I ended up entering transition, and I lost it since I stopped listening to the tapes. :(
    So even though it seems like common sense, don't turn them off! :) haha

    Anyway, I was able to nurse in my Moby! But I don't have experience with the other carriers so I don't have any comparisons for you.

    Glad you had fun at the shower!

  4. I have LOVED my Moby! I tried the baby bjorn with my first son when he was a baby and I too felt it swallowed him up. But I know moms who love it. I only nursed a couple of times in the moby when I had to, otherwise I took it off to nurse. But it's totally doable! Good luck!

  5. OH yeah, make sure to post that info b.c I would be very interested to read it. I save all of y'alls baby info so when my day comes it is compiled for me. Hopefully sooner than later.

    You look so cute and happy:) Can't believe it is almost time to meet baby Blondie!!

  6. I loved my sleepy wrap at home during the newborn stage of my son's life. I never tried a ring sling and didn't think that I really needed it until we were into the Ergo stage. I love our Ergo Baby for trips and it's way easier than a wrap, esp for daddies.

  7. I didn't have a wrap, although I hear they're great for nursing. I had a Maya Wrap ring sling, which I loved, although I couldn't nurse hands-free in it, but it did make nursing discreet. The ergo is awesome, and really great for nursing in, once we figured it out! My baby's 11 mos and 25 lbs now, and we use it almost every day!

  8. MayaWrap (ring sling) is super easy to nurse in, though only on the left side. It's hands-down my favorite/most versatile carrier. Great for the newborn stage in particular, but I carried my boys in it until they were 3yrs. But each carrier has it's pros and cons...I suggest if you can, get a selection of a ring sling, an Ergo/Beco and a Moby if you can. That way you have a carrier for all your needs. :)

  9. I happened to stumble upon your blog and thought I'd throw out a little baby-wearing advice. i'm not an expert, but I'm part of a group of women who all wear and we talk extensively about our carriers, their benefits, etc. I've been to a few babywearing meetings and have kind of absorbed some information.

    As an infant, I'd say a wrap is the easiest way to wear. I'd skip the moby though and go right for a nice woven wrap. This will carry you longer into your baby's life as the moby is stretchy and your baby will quickly outgrow it. From what I've gathered, it's fairly unsafe to wear your baby on your back in a moby - so once they reach a certain weight it's pretty use-less.

    I have friends with ergos and they all said that they are the best soft-style carrier for nursing (so, getting an ergo and a woven would be all you'd need). The baby is right up against you with no barrier (as opposed to with something like a becco that has a layer between you). Also and ergo makes for easier carrying on the back as you get to toddler years, etc. We have a becco, but my son is 21 months and I still use it!

    A ring sling is also nicer when you have a baby that can support itself a little - but if you get a longer woven wrap, you can purchase D rings from a craft store and convert your wrap back and forth between ring sling and woven wrap. There's also some great wraps that allow you to do a hip carry.

    If you're in an area that has a baby wearing community, I'd say to hunt them down, because they could give you a TON of advice and help you a bundle to save from buying ten different carriers. If there are no meetings available, you'd be surprised, but youtube has a ton of tutorials on how to do certain wraps!

    Best of luck and congratulations!

  10. looks like a perfect shower!! Love the car seat too!