Saturday, March 5, 2011

35 weeks

I'm 35 weeks today.  I've been a terrible blogger and commenter.  Life has been a bit crazy.

34 weeks

34 weeks u/s face picture

Last weekend was my shower in Houston.  My mom came over from Qatar so I got to see her and we even went shopping for things to get my dress made for my brother's wedding in June since I'll need a dress that I can nurse in.  The shower was great.  We got lots of great stuff and it was great to see people who I haven't seen in a while.  My BIL was even in town for job interviews because they are moving back after my SIL graduates from her doctoral program.  We are really looking forward to them living 4 hours away instead of 16.  I'll post shower pictures once I get them.

I had an ob appointment on Thursday.  The baby is looking fine but my belly is still measuring small (though I don't know by how much).  The dr was considering doing another growth u/s but she looked again at the growth u/s from 2 weeks ago where the baby was measuring ahead and decided not to worry.  They brought me back a little early for the appointment and I didn't know D was coming so he missed the whole thing.  We were walking out to the elevators and he came in.  I felt really stupid since he had drive from the other side of town and I had even switched the appointment so that he could come.  No update on gender; they didn't check this time.  We are pretty sure girl (and my mom went and bought girl clothes), but we aren't making guarantees until the baby is born.  We know the name that we are going to use for a girl.

I'm doing pretty well and not too uncomfortable other than just rib pain (the child seems to be hiding under my ribs).  The baby wiggles like crazy sometimes and my belly moves around.  I have about 5 weeks left (give or take two); we are preregistered at the hospital, the room is mostly ready (we still need cloth diapers but D's work is doing a shower for us next week so we'll see where we are after that).  I probably need to pack my hospital bag, but I'm not sure what I'm going to put in there and I feel like I'll need most of the stuff until I actually go to the hospital.

A friend of ours was in a motorcycle accident earlier this week.  He's out of ICU, but does have some internal bleeding and will be having surgery the end of next week.  Please keep him in your prayers.


  1. so exciting! Very happy everything has gone so well :)

    saying a prayer for your friend.

  2. Yay to 35 weeks! I can't believe how small you still are :) I waited until the last minute to pack my hospital bag and the realized half of the stuff I really didn't end up using b/c the hospital supplied so much.

  3. Where has the time gone???? OH, I am so excited for you!

  4. Wow. Time is flying by! Did you know that you were the second blog I had found in this IF world and you are the first pregnancy that I have been completely apart of since I started blogging...almost 9 months ago!

    Im so excited for you friend. You look so great and I can't wait for the upcoming weeks!!!

  5. I am sorry to hear about your friend. I said a prayer. I am so glad you posted this pic, you are adorable! It makes sense that if the baby is under your ribs you'd be smaller. Everyone shows so differently. I am glad all is well and healthy! By the way, I did read that you can nurse in the baby k'tan sling. And I love ours so much, I do hope you get one. It is so fast to get the baby in and out of and it is not a lot of material to deal with it or learn. I also feel it is very supportive so my back doesn't bug me.