Sunday, February 20, 2011

33 weeks

I haven't much recently and I haven't been doing much commenting, although I am reading.  I just don't have much time with work and everything.

I'm 33 weeks as of yesterday.  I'm doing pretty well, except for rib pain.  Sometimes it feeling like Baby Blondie is trying to come out of my ribs, which as you can guess is not a particularly pleasant feeling.  It's sometimes hard to find a comfortable position to sit or whatever in.  Sitting in a car for long periods of time (anything longer than local drives) gets to be quite uncomfortable.

Last weekend, D worked on the nursery and got everything that we have so far organized and I've washed what we have so far clothes and towels-wise.  We have the big shower in Houston next week so once everything is put up from that shower, I'll post some pictures.

I'm still not sure I have my head wrapped around Baby Blondie most likely being a girl.  Part of it is how long we thought boy and we've also both imagined our first child as a boy even before I got pregnant.  D was so happy that the baby was a boy and I feel like I've disappointed him (yes, I realize that there's nothing that I did to make it happen or can do it change it).  I have little brothers, and I've mainly taken care of little boys as a nanny, so I really was excited about having a little boy first.  We aren't planning to find out in future pregnancies because of this experience.  It didn't help that the same appointment where we got the news that it could be a girl was the appointment where they were concerned about my fundal height being behind (everything is fine; the baby is actually measuring ahead).  I think that the worry about the growth has tainted my feelings about the baby being a girl.

D and I went to a wedding yesterday for some local friends.  It was a lot of fun and we danced a lot.  Weddings are the only place were D (after a couple drinks) lets his guard down and is willing to dance.

My progesterone is finally back in Zone 3 so I get a break from shots (was doing double shots since it was Zone 1) until my next draw.

I can't believe the baby will be here in about 2 months.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 33 weeks, I cannot believe you only have 2 months left! I also can't believe they can't determine the exact sex of the baby, usually those u/s are so clear, you have a stubborn baby on your hands. That ahs girl written all over it haha

  2. Honestly, I was worried that I would be disappointed if we had a girl and I was really hoping for a boy. When she was born and I discovered she was a girl-I was overjoyed! I know it's only been two weeks-but I have seriously enjoyed having a little girl more than I ever could have imagined. I think she's the perfect little sweetie to teach my husband how to be a father-he's so gentle and caring and soft with her.

    Now, when I see pictures of new moms with little boys I actually think "oh I feel bad for them-they don't know the joys of having a daughter. They can't possibly be having as much fun as I am right now." Stupid thought-I know, but I can't help the thoughts that pop into my head.

    You will LOVE your daughter! :)

  3. You are moving right along. Boy or girl, you will be so happy and you are so very blessed. I know you know that but I just wanted to say it.

    I loved hearing about your dh letting loose. My dh does the same! haha

  4. Just a quick post to say how thrilled I continue to be for you. Will she blond? Hope so!


    Daughters are just so wonderful.

  5. I've been wondering about you! I am so excited to finally see your child, no matter what gender!!