Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Formula sucks

K will be on formula for the next week.  She gained 3 oz in the past week, and her pediatrician wanted about 7 oz.  I'll be giving the formula through an supplemental nursing system (SNS) at the breast and pumping like crazy.  She's supposed to get 20 oz. of formula a day and I can nurse at night.  I just want whatever needs to happen for her to be able to go back to exclusive breastfeeding as soon as possible and her to grow in a healthy way.

I don't want to deal with stinky formula poops and I hate mixing bottles.  I may be having to give her formula, but I don't have to like it.


First, please pray that K will have gained the 1/2 pound or so that her doctor wants.  Her appointment is at 1:30 CDT today, 6/28.  I have been supplementing her with 5 or so ounces of pumped breast milk per day.  I've also heard her swallow more.

Second, I'm getting really frustrated with the lack of support that I'm getting from my family.  My mom, MIL and D haven't said anything about all the effort that I'm putting into pumping.  People have suggested formula even though I have been able to pump enough milk so far.  My mom and MIL did both breastfeed, but they aren't experts and have said a couple things that aren't accurate.

K does seem to be a bit happier (as long as she's gotten enough sleep), so I hope that that's a sign that the gain will be good too.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weight gain issues

K is still having weight gain issues.  I took her to get a weight check at the pediatricians office and she had lost an ounce in a week when she should have gained about 6-7 ounces.  I'd been feeding her constantly, and had pumped a little bit but not given it to her.  The pediatrician said that I needed to supplement her 1/2 to 1 ounce 5-6 times a day (so at least 3-4 ounces a day).  He gave me formula, but I don't want to give her formula unless I can't make the milk.  I called and talked to my Lactation Consultant and then to Sew to dealt with the same issues.  Sew's pep talk has given me the confidence to supplement with just expressed breast milk, even though it requires a lot of time and effort.

I'm basically feeding her, giving her the supplemental breast milk and then pumping and then repeating, unless she's asleep or won't nurse.  I do get some breaks, but my day is mostly feeding or pumping or washing the pumping stuff.  Most of th

I was so upset about her lack of weight gain.  Especially since she's exclusively breastfed, it makes me feel like a failure as a mother.  It seems like my body doesn't do things like it's supposed to.  The years, surgeries and medications that it took to get pregnant, the bleeding that I had during pregnancy, and now breastfeeding issues.  I'm just ready for something to work right.

Please pray that we can get her weight gain on the right track and I can keep from getting too overwhelmed.  It's very stressful and tiring right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

K is 2 months old, and breastfeeding issues * Updated with thyroid numbers

*Update: Here are my thyroid numbers from local ob: T4 7.6, TSH 2.73, T3Free 3.1.  They said these are normal, but I want to get you lovely ladies opinion.  Thanks.

K turned 2 months old last Wednesday.  She had her two month appointment on Tuesday.  In general she looks great, but she isn't gaining enough weight.  She was born 6 lbs., 6 oz. and has only gained about 2 lb; she weighs 8 lbs., 4 oz.  Because she isn't gaining well and she's exclusively breastfed, I met with a lactation consultant yesterday.  She said that K's high palate and slightly misaligned jaw and tongue might be causing some latch issues and discomfort that causes her to stop feeding prematurely.  She also said that I should have her pediatrician check her for torticollis, which is a twisting of the neck due to overly tight muscles that causes the head to tilt to one side, since she always tilts her head to the left.

When the LC weighed her before and after feeding, she only took in about half the amount that she needs.  I feel terrible that I didn't realize that there was a problem, but I didn't know that she wasn't gaining enough and she has plenty of wet and dirty diapers.  The fact that she's not getting enough likely explains why she's so upset all the time.  In some ways it's good that there is a problem because it can be fixed hopefully.

The LC recommended some exercises that might help release and realign her neck, tongue and jaw.  She might also need to get some physical/occupational therapy or craniosacral therapy.  She wants me to feed her even more on demand and change sides and positions more during feedings.  Even though generally they say check other things first and don't assume hunger, right now the first thing I need to try is feeding her even when she just ate recently.  She also recommended some foods to eat like oatmeal, flax seed, and eggs (there are more and I can post it later if anyone wants me to do so).  I'm also taking an herb called Shatavari that is supposed to help with supply and getting my thyroid tested again (hasn't been done postpartum).

I'll post about how the Hawaii trip went in the next few days.  She did well on the plane.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advice and prayers needed

Soon we'll be taking K, who is two months old today, to Hawaii for my brother's wedding.  Thankfully it's a direct flight, but it's about 8 hours long.  K likes to be moving and rarely sleeps more than 30-45 minutes except at night.  She also likes to scream when she's tired or hungry.  Even though she's flying as a lap child, they are supposed to have a bassinet that connects to the bulkhead by our seats and we'll be bringing her carseat in case there's room.  I know I need to feed her on take off and landing.  Any other advice?  I really hope she doesn't scream and cry too much; I don't want the other paasengers to hate us.