Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double digits

K is 10 months old today.  She is between 15 and 16 pounds.  She's still crusing like crazy but not really trying to walk independently yet.  She waves hi and bye and even says hi.  She can clap her hands.  She says mama and dada but don't know that they only refer to us yet.  She's mainly wearing 6-9 or 9 month clothes, but she does have some 12 month clothes that she wears.  She still nurses a lot and has figure out that she can nurse from both sides when I'm lying down.  She pulls on my shirt and crawls down me when she wants to nurse.  She is happy a lot, but when she is angry, she's really angry and even throws herself around.

She is doing pretty well going to sleep at night in her crib but she still wakes up a few times in the night to nurse.  Naps have been kind of hit and miss the last few days.  She was taking a good 1-1/2 hour morning nap, but she had some problems for about a week there.  She is doing better letting other people hold her and was pretty good for my ILs this weekend when they held her.  She is a great eater and eats all sorts of food and quite a bit of it.  She eats whatever foods I eat.

Only 2 more months until her first birthday.  We already have her Easter dress.

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