Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not walking yet

So we are a little surprised that K isn't walking yet.  She rolled over back to tummy at about 11 weeks, started scooting on her tummy at 5 months, was crawling and pulling up at 7 months and cruising at 8 months, but she seems to have stalled out on progress toward walking.  She's 10 months old and I really thought that she'd be walking by now.  I mean I know that most babies aren't walking at 10 months, but she really seemed like she was going to be an early walker.


  1. Our little one did not walk until I believe it was around 14 months.

    Then we missed her wanting to be held!!!

  2. Abigail was the same way- almost exactly!!! She started walking at 11 months. When my parents came at 10 months we had the video camera poised because at *any* moment we just KNEW she was going to start walking! Ha! But she took her first steps while visiting my Grandfather at a nursing home. All the old people were oohing and ahhing! If only her Daddy was there!

    (I LOVE the walking stage. So much easier and more fun than crawling!!)

  3. Ditto to Lauren's comment...We are also guilty of thinking that A was going to be an early walker. People (family and daycare workers) that she was definitely going to be walking by 10 months... and then she took her time and then did it a few days after her 11 month "birthday". Maybe she's working on some other "trick"... :)

  4. Same here! Ian started crawling at 5-6 months and now he's cruising on furniture, but definitely not standing up on his own (without holding onto anything) or walking. I really think for him it's because he's not solid enough (only 16 1/2 lbs)! He's 10 1/2 months now, so who knows...he's so fast when he crawls I'm almost scared to see how fast he'll be once he walks! ;)