Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 weeks wait

It looks like I ovulated last Thursday, so I'm in my first 2WW for TTC#2.  I had a pretty good period this time.  TMI ahead.  It was so much better than before my surgery with no clots or brown bleeding, plus only 2 days of spotting after a 5 day full flow.  I had a pretty good mucus cycle without B6, Mucinex or hydrocort.  PPVI went ahead and sent me an order for a peak+7, suggested by my practioner, TCIE.  If I'm not pregnant this cycle, I'll have a cycle review on CD 1 and we'll see what they suggest for the future.  Of course I have my annual with my new OBGYN (the one who delivered K retired and the new doc is the one who took over her practice) next Tuesday which will be peak+12, so probably too early to test or anything (although I am tempted).

K has been walking a lot more, although she still not walking full time yet.  We think that she'll probably walk full time around mid-June.

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  1. I am in the same wait, my first since having Anthony. I am not very confident b/c my CM was practically non-existent due to clomid, despite all the extras added in. Here's to both of us! So glad your cycle is better!