Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are you happy?

It's such a strange question. The TTC 6months+ girls were talking about it, and it made me think. I'm not officially infertile, but I feel like I am never going to get pregnant. We've only be trying 8 months/7 cycles, but the long cycles and irregular o have made timed intercourse even more frustrating. I'm happy that we have a house and good jobs (even though D is not as happy with his job right now). We have families that love us. D and I love each other, but the additional stress of TTC for the past 8 months and frustration at my body causes friction. I wish that I didn't need clomid and progesterone for a good LP. I wish that I could have a nice CD 14 (or so) o. Maybe 100 mg with help on that front. D wants a baby, but TTC hasn't affected him as least not in the same ways.

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