Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I don't think I can do this anymore

I don't think that I can keep taking meds and get bloodwork done when my husband won't even have sex with me when I'm probably about to ovulate.  It not that he doesn't want to have a baby, but he is just too stressed out about work and other stuff to be able to get into it. I don't know if I should even keep temping.  I don't know if I can stop "trying" but I am going to try to stop trying so hard that I'm angry and stressed (although we won't be trying to avoid either).  I guess I need to get to a place where I'm able to relax more and stress less.  It will be better for both of us and our marriage if I can do that.  If I keep temping, it will be so that I have charts in case we get to the the point were my husband thinks that we need outside help.  It's so frustrating to have to waiting for it to be our turn, especially because I am a nanny for a 6 month old and I just want one of my own.

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