Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our trying to conceive journey so far.

We have been TTC our first child since our wedding in July 2007. I've been off BC since May 2007, and we weren't TTC. I started charting in June 2007. I'm 27 and my husband will be 26 in 8 days.

I have long cycles and have never ovulated before CD 21. My first cycle charting (6/07) was 46 days long, it was my second month off BC. I didn't o until CD 36, which was the day of my bachelorette party, two days before the wedding. We had no chance that cycle, but we didn't really understand the timing just yet. My second cycle charting/TTC cycle #1 was better, it was only 32 days long and I o-d on CD 21. We had ok timing that cycle, but no luck. Cycle #2 was 40 days long and I o-d on CD 28. Our timing was off that cycle, so we had no chance. Cycle #3 was 32 days long and I o-d on CD 21. Our timing was good, but thankfully I didn't know until after FP started. Cycle #4 was also 32 days long with o on CD 21. Our timing was good, and I thought I was pregnant. I was wrong, obviously. Cycle #5 was not a good one. I was expecting to o around Christmas, but I didn't end up o-ing until CD 33. Our timing was ok, but it was very difficult to keep trying for the extra 10 days. D (my husband) gets to where he's not in the mood, especially after timed intercourse for more than a week. It ended up being a 45 day cycle, and I decided to call my ob/gyn.

When I showed my ob/gyn my charts and we talked about my late/irregular o, she put me on clomid. Cycle #6 was my first clomid 50 mg(and estrogen and progesterone) cycle. I o-d on CD 21 (my normal time...clomid didn't change it). Our timing was ok, but again BFN. My 7DPO b/w showed that my progesterone was 22 (good). The good thing about that cycle was that I had a 17 day LP and I didn't spot at all while I was on the progesterone.

This cycle is #7, and I was on 50 mg of clomid and the estrogen and progesterone again. I had CD 3 B/W to test my FSH. It was 7 (low...which is good). I had an u/s on CD 13 and my large follicle was 15 (not ready to ovulate yet). I think that I finally o-d yesterday on CD 28, so I'm in the 2ww. Our timing was probably good, but after the last 8 months...I'm not too hopeful.

D has not gotten an SA done, even though my dr wrote him an order for it. He says he doesn't have time.

If I'm not pregnant this cycle, I'll be moving up to 100 mg clomid with the estrogen and progesterone.

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