Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is the prayer that I'm trying to pray for myself and all you girls out there:

Lord, help me (us) to prepare for the path you have planned for me (us).

As you can see from my ticker, Fertilty Friend now agrees that instead of being 8DPO, I haven't ovulated yet. It's CD32 and I'm having 8C (not normal amounts for post-peak), but I haven't had another round of 10C/KL (it'll be round 3 this cycle...triple peak!!!). That means that I'm probably not going to o in the next couple days (assuming that I do this cycle), and I'll most likely have my longest cycle since TTC (the record so far is 48 days with o on CD 36).


  1. how frustrating. i get aggravated with my cycles, which are pretty regular, so i can only imagine trying to figure out peaks and ovulation in longer cycles. maybe you still will this cycle!

    any news on scheduling the surgery?

  2. So you're saying that one can have a ticker that says where one is in one's cycle? Genius!

    That does sound like an unusually weird cycle. On the other hand, the body is supposed to respond to stress, and hormone deficiencies, and whatever else, right? That's healthy.