Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiting for Peak

I'm pretty sure that Wednesday was not really my peak day. I had 8CAD for Thursday through Saturday, but I had 10C/KL yesterday (which we used just in case). Also, my temps are pretty low for if I've actually oed. So now I must wait to see if I have a temp jump or more peak type mucus or what's going on. Luckily I'm not on any medication that's cycle based (just the T3 which I'm on throughout). Once I confirm my peak/o, I'm going to call to get my surgery scheduled.

Also, D is finally ready to have an SA, so hopefully we can get that done in the next few weeks. We were talking about something IF related and he asked if we knew that I was the one with issues. I told him that I'm pretty sure that I am part of the IF, but until he had a SA, we couldn't rule out him having issues.

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  1. The first SA is the worst, I pray it goes alright! Hopefully your ovaries are cooperating.