Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lovely meeting

Today I finally got to meet the lovely Life in Mazes (her blog is private).  We meet at a bookstore halfway in between our towns for tea and then had lunch.  It was so great to finally meet a blogger in person, and like anyone else who has finally met a follow blogger IRL, it's like spending time with an old friend.  It's so awesome to be able to talk about all the IF stuff that no one else understands or wants to hear about.  Even though we both brought our cameras, we didn't manage to get a picture.

In cycle news, I'm on CD6 and am exciting that at least as of now, I haven't had any brown bleeding.  I'm very excited and I hope this continues to be the case.  I didn't have any premenstrual spotting/bleeding in the two cycles since my surgery.  I think that some combination of the D&C done as part of my surgery and the antifungal, antibiotic, and cortisol are helping keep whatever caused it away.

   My surgery is in about 4 weeks, and I'm definitely ready to get it done.  I haven't had any luck finding a place were D can get the SA done without have to take off work (which he can't do since his vacation days are going toward traveling to Omaha), so it may be awhile before we can get a formal SA done (we had an informal one done by the urologist I nanny for and there were no obvious abnormalities).  Maybe we'll get luck and won't need to do.  One can hope.  


  1. I am so sorry I did not suggest maybe asking the guy at the bookstore to take our picture! I was looney today, trying to will that terribe sinus headache away.

    It was so much fun to meet you and visit like we have been friends for 10 years. What a blessing these blogs have been, connected us through our suffering. God truly is good!!!

    Hope you have fun at the Superbowl party tomorrow!

  2. Glad you had a good time meeting LIM!

    Our SA was done early morning - we had to drop it off by 7:30 am. Can you find a place that does early morning like that?

  3. How wonderful that you got to meet IRL!
    Yes, will pray you get preg and don't need one! That is what happened to us, but after 2 miscarriages Dr. Toth wanted one anyway, which is how we ended up doing one. Funny how I say "we" for everything, and for once I had nothing to do with this particular thing (since it was NOT done appropriately) :( I digress..
    Yeah for no TEBB-that is awesome! Both babies I miscarried I got preg on cycles with TEBB. It is a wonderfully feeling to not see it, for sure!

  4. How great you met LIM! Sometime you two will have to come up to NY and I'll meet ya there! Sounds like a perfect afternoon... what type of tea did you have? (I love tea!)

  5. Yay for meeting LIM! Sounds like fun! I've so enjoyed meeting bloggers- it is definitely like meeting an old friend! :)

  6. It is fun to meet other bloggers! Sounds like things are moving along for you and it is great that you haven't had any brown bleeding. Continued prayers!

  7. Glad you got to meet LIM in person. You can really talk all day with someone going through IF. Glad that your cycles are improving too. Looks like working with Dr. Hilgers has already proved beneficial!