Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, D

In honor of D's 28th birthday, here are 10 random things about him:

1. He's a very hard worker.  D not only works very hard at his main job, but also works on Saturdays so we can have some extra income.  He hasn't taken a single day off for being sick (even when he's been sick) in the more than 5 years we've been together.
2. He's very loyal.  D is the type of person who would work for one company for the rest of his life.  I don't know if that will end up happening due to the size of the company he works for and the fact that we'd like to move back to Texas, but he's definitely not a job-hopper.
3. He's got a great sense of humor.  D is always trying to make me laugh, even when I don't really feel like it.  He likes to hide and pretend that he's left without me and other silly things like that.
4. He'll eat pretty much anything (except strawberries since he's deathly allergic).  I never have to worry about D not being willing to eat what I make for dinner.  He even eats the things that don't turn out well, which are relatively few.
5. He loves sports.  Since he works lot, he doesn't get to play them as much as he would like.  He played soccer and basketball in high school.  He's looking forward to the upcoming softball league with some guys from work.
6. He's very smart.  He and his best friend love to have deep intellectual conversations.  He says that he wishes that he'd applied himself more in high school and college.
7. He's very good with our finances.  He's in charge of paying bills and is very good about it.  He does our monthly budget and has a spreadsheet of past years and the plans for the next year.
8. He's a great son.  He especially loves his dad and calls him with questions about things.
9. He's very handy.  He hasn't done much work on our house due to our lack of funds, but he built our TV stand, replaced all the locks when we moved in, and put in a path to our garage.  I expect that once we can afford it he'll be doing lots of projects around the house.
10. He's got the same hair color and eye color that I do so every once in a while, we get asked if we are brother and sister.


  1. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Happy Birthday to him!

  2. I love these posts! Happy birthday to D!

  3. What a great way to celebrate your husband's birthday!
    Hope you are doing well, I have been praying for you and your recovery. Need to call you soon!

  4. Aw, so sweet!!! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  5. My hubby does the same thing with our budget..spreadsheets and all..actually, I believe my hubby has the next few years planned out. That is great that your dh is handy..mine isn't and has no interest in it either..he prefers to pick up the phone. Happy bday dh! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gotta love the man that is handy with the spreadsheet! I think it it is adorable that he does silly things-love that about my dh too! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday, dh! He sounds like a keeper ;)