Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cycle Review Quick Update

PPVI just called and said that Dr. H doesn't want me to do the PIO this cycle, but he does want me to get a u/s done on P+3.  The nurse said that Dr. H wasn't too concerned about the mature follicle five days before peak, but I think that they want to see if I'm really ovulating or if I might have LUFS (lutenized unruptured follicle syndrome) since my time in Omaha didn't line up for a u/s series.  I may still need the PIO in my July cycle or if I have LUFS I may get HCG trigger.  I really need to stop now since I don't have answers yet and I'm starting to go crazy thinking about the possibilities.


  1. I drive myself crazy all the time thinking about things too! I know what you are going through. I do have a good feeling for you. The best piece of advice I can give you is to keep my mother always said "An idle mind is a devils workshop." :)

  2. I'll be very curious to hear what they'll say if they do determine that you have a LUF. When I was in Omaha, I underwent the whole 10 day-ultrasound series and was diagnosed (on that particular cycle at least) with LUF. I got my hopes up that they had finally found a cause for our IF and thought he'd Rx a HCG trigger shot. But instead he basically brushed it off and said it probably doesn't happen every cycle and talked me into the Hydrocort instead.

    I'm still licking that wound.

  3. Is that what the hcg is for? How did I not know that until now? Well, that makes sense!
    I hope it's not LUF, but if it is at least they are prepared to do the shot and get that egg releasing!

  4. Hopefully that ultrasound will give you some answers! I agree with Prayerful Journey, just try to keep yourself busy so you don't think about it as much. But I do that too, drive myself crazy thinking about all the possibilities!

    I also wanted to say thanks for all your advice and guidance during my surgery and recovery, you really helped a lot!