Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy couple days coming up

One of my brothers in Houston right now visiting and doesn't have a car, so I'm driving down 4 hours to pick him up on Thursday morning to take him to Austin (another 3 hours) to visit our grandparents and other relatives.  D has to work so it'll just be me and my brother.  D's best friend (who lives in Austin) just had a baby (the one I went to the shower for recently) and so we're going visit them while we are in town.  We are also going to see our brother who just got engaged this past weekend.  My brother wants to go hunting with one of his friends back in Houston on Friday night, so we'll be driving back on Friday afternoon.  I'll probably stay with my in-laws and then leave really early on Saturday morning to make it back here in time for my adoration hour at 11 am.  D works on Saturday so I won't see him until after 5.  One of the good things about being currently unemployed is that I can drive halfway across Texas and back even though it'll be weekdays.

I had some pretty rough cramps this cycle.  I'm really feeling kind of frustrated and defeating in dealing with my body right now.  It's been 3 months today since my surgery.  It's CD 7, and it does look like I'm down to just very light flow/spotting which is good.  Hopefully the spotting will end pretty soon.


  1. Oh man, I am tired just reading that! :)

    I know this doesn't help you feel better, but when I read "three months since my surgery" my thought was, "Oh, that's not long at all... her body is still readjusting." Anyway, I am sure it seems like an eternity to you....


  2. You're a much better sister than I am :) I hope you have lots of fun on the way.

  3. I can certainly understand your frustration! That's good though that it seems to be tapering off, hopefully it will be back to normal soon. I'll pray that it will. Hope you enjoy your Texas trip!

  4. Have fun with your bro and be safe on the road! Ok, sorry to sound like your nagging mom...

    And I hope your body readjusts soon so you can get on with your mission! We'll pray!

  5. That does not sound fun.

    Sorry you're feeling so defeated with regards to your body. I can only imagine how I will feel 3 months past my surgery. It's almost like the point where you think something should be happening by then.

    But, it's still the early part of the cycle so I will be praying that this one is it!!!

  6. That's a ton of driving! Safe travels!