Thursday, July 14, 2011

K turned 3 months :) and 4th Anniversary

Here's a link to the post from our second anniversary with pictures.

K turned 3 months on Friday.  She is now finally 10 lbs as of Tuesday (1/2 lb gain this week), and just moved into her small prefolds and her Flip covers. I started her in her 3-6 month clothing yesterday, because she finally is outgrowing the 0-3 month clothing (especially with her cloth diapers).

She started rolling over about a week ago from her back to her tummy.  She is more content most of the time now after we've been supplementing.  She's getting better about sleeping.  We can put her in her pack-and-play if she has fallen asleep or she has even fallen asleep in there on her own a couple times.  She smiles at us and coos.

We are starting to wean off the supplement/formula.  We're planning on reducing 2-3 ounces every 2-3 days and I'm doing 10 ounces of formula a day this week and the rest breast milk that I have saved in my freezer.  I got a new Pump-in-Style pump, but I'm still trying to find a comfortable shield/flange.  The 24mm that came with the pump was too big (TMI) on my nipple and the 21 mm fits the nipple better but still doesn't have a good seal and is uncomfortable.  I ordered the Pumpin' Pal shields which are a completely different shape, and hopefully they will work better.

D and I are probably going to dinner tonight for our anniversary and most likely taking K with us.  I'm glad we'll actually be able to spend at least some of this anniversary together; D was traveling for our first anniversary and we both worked late last year.  Our second may have been the only one so far we spent together.

I need to post pictures of K soon.


  1. Happy Anniversary! And yes we need to see pictures of the baby girl. Glad to read that she has gained and you can stop using formula.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Way to go K! She's growing quick now!

    What do you think about the Flips? I'm in love with them! I'm actually working on selling off my stash and I'm going to buy more. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Glad to 'hear' that K is growing and thriving!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Little K is so stinkin cute!!!