Thursday, August 11, 2011

K's 4 month appointment, pictures and video

K had her 4-month appointment Tuesday.  She weighed 11 pounds, 6 ounces (up 5 ounces this week and almost a pound in the last two weeks) and she's 23 inches tall.  Her pediatrician said that she has a good amount and ratio of fat and muscle, so she's probably just going to be small (big surprise :).  We are staying at the current amount of supplement and she'll do a weigh-in in two weeks.  I was hoping that she'd be able to lessen the supplement, but we'll have to wait on that I guess.

The doctor was really impressed with her motor skills and she's definitely advanced on her physical development, according to him.  She did a tripod sit for him, and he was pretty amazed at how well she held herself up.

Here are some video and pictures of her skills

Just being smiley in her pjs.

Practicing sitting in her pack-n-play.

Sitting in Dadda's chair.
Video of K scooting

Video of K sitting

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