Monday, August 29, 2011

Balance *Updated

D and K, with me in the background.
Update: She weighs 12 lbs, 15 oz so she gained 1 lb, 9 oz in 3 weeks or just over 8 oz a week.  I'm so happy!

I'm having a hard time right now finding balance right now.  I just feel very stressed out right now.  K has gone from taking about 16 ounces of formula a day to about 10 or so this past week.  I'd love to think that it's because she's getting more from me, but due to all the feeding drama we've had, I don't know.  She's pretty happy most of the time, especially compared to when she was younger before we started supplementing, but I just don't really have any confidence in the area of feeding anymore.  We are doing a weigh-in tomorrow so I'll know if she has gained well enough or not.  If not, I don't really know what we can do, as D has told me since I'm constantly offering and she just doesn't seem to want anymore.  I'll update with tomorrow's weight.  I'm still mainly supplementing at the breast, but she will take bottles now so she may take 1-2 ounces a day that way when she's too riled up to latch.

I'm having a hard time balancing my class, K's needs, housework, playing and interacting with K, and spending time with D.  K getting fed and diaper changes is obviously my priority, but I feel like everything else is not getting done as it should.  D works a lot so I try to make sure that the three of us spend time together when he's not.  I feel like I should be playing more with her than I do, but then I get behind on my other responsibilities.  Please pray that I can keep it together and figure out how to best balance everything.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you are feeling this way and we've all been there. Just trust your mothering instincts and know that you are doing the best you can. K looks happy and healthy in that picture. I wish you guys all the best tomorrow and I will offer up a Hail Mary for you right now.

  2. so sorry it is really hard, I feel that way too!

  3. I've been told this is the beginning of the never-ending Mommy guilt! You can/could be always be doing something else to serve someone else. It's hard! And we only have one! Praying for you and your search for balance. And Hooray for your update!