Sunday, August 21, 2011


This weekend was pretty rough because K didn't sleep well since she was overstimulated due to traveling, so I had a hysterical baby who wouldn't eat or nap.  We had to drive her all around the neighborhoods in our hometown to get her to nap.  D is actually driving her around right now since she was basically hysterical when we got home from church this evening since it, of course, went long when she was already tired.  I feel like a terrible mother when her naps get so messed up and she gets hysterical.  I'm very tired; I went to bed after midnight both days this weekend since one night I had to walk her around my IL's neighborhood at 11pm (thankfully they live in a very safe area) and the other I stayed up after K went to sleep to watch a show with D since I hadn't really got to spend much time with him.  I'm stressed out about getting my online class done so that I can hopefully get a job soon (working from home), but I've got a while left.  I probably won't be commenting much for a while although I'll might have time to read.  Need some prayers that I can handle all the stress.

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