Monday, January 31, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slings/carriers, hospital tour, baby shower pictures

I have a Moby and a Ergo on my registry, but I'm wondering if I should also get a ring sling.  Since I'll still be nannying, I'll definitely be wearing the baby a lot, especially for breastfeeding.  What carriers have you moms found best for breastfeeding?  Any ring sling recommendations?  Is it worthwhile to have all three carriers or if you had to pick two which would you go with?

We had our hospital tour this past weekend and it went pretty well.  They seem pretty reasonable and I don't think we'll have any major issues having our wishes followed.  I'm working on writing up my birth preferences and I'm going to take it to my next OB appointment on Tuesday and get her to sign off on them and send them to the hospital.  I'll post it once I'm done.

I'm doing the Hyp.nobabies Home Study Course to prepare for the birth.  I'm finishing up the readings for the fifth class, so I've got about a week before I start doing the maintenance portion.  D has read everything, but we haven't really done any of the practice together, which we need to start pretty soon since he can come anytime between 7 1/2 and 12 1/2 weeks from now since I'll be 30 weeks (craziness!) on Saturday.

I'm feeling pretty good except a bit of reflux sometimes and a little bit of discomfort when he wedges himself into certain positions.

My dad got back to so my mom posted some of the pictures from the baby shower.

Me and the cake

The beautiful and yummy carrot cake

D and I holding some of the onesies we got
The carseat (which we got for Christmas from MIL) that coordinates with the argyle onesie

Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Baby Shower and a couple odds and ends * Updated

Update: I went to see the ob and she checked me out and didn't see any reason for the pain other than he's got his back jammed way into my side.

Saturday was the family baby shower in Austin with my mom's family.  It was great to see everyone especially my grandparents.  In addition to my grandma, all of my aunts, two of my grown cousins, my future sister-in-law and D's best friend's wife were all there.  There were three kids there (in addition to my in-utero one), my cousin's daughter who is two years old, D's best friend's daughter who is seven months old (and actually they are expecting #2, she's four weeks or so), and my youngest cousin who is five months old.  We now have the pack and play (so he'll have somewhere to sleep), the bottles (just need the breast pump although we'll only be using them occasionally unless there's an issue), the stroller base (got the snap and go), the high chair/booster seat, one of the wool diaper covers, the bathtub, a bunch of washcloths and towels and a few receiving blankets.  I don't have pictures yet since we didn't bring our camera, but I should hopefully see some soon and I'll post them when I do.  I have another shower at the end of February that my MIL and mom are throwing.

I've been having some pain on my far right side for the last day or so.  It's in an area where he's been kicked so I'm assuming it's probably just some body part wedged in, but I have a call in to the ob to see what she says.  I'm 28 weeks and 2 days today and since Saturday, I've been getting quite uncomfortable.  I had to get a new bra earlier this week (thankfully the last one lasted from 16 weeks to about 28 weeks).

Also, does anyone have suggestions for secular resources for NFP?  I'm hoping to encourage my brother's fiancĂ©e to look into it after a talk we had this weekend, but they aren't religious at all so I want resources that focus on the medical/environmental side of the pill and how NFP works.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zone 1...a pain in the...

PPVI called today and my progesterone is down in Zone 1 after being in Zone 2 for a while (after starting off in Zone 4 at 4 weeks).  I now have to take 200 mg PIO twice a week, and since I have 50 mg/ml through my mail order pharmacy since it was so much cheaper ($30 for 90 day supply vs $60 a bottle for the compounding pharmacy's 100 mg/ml) I have to do a shot in each hip.  I also have to add 200 mg oral progesterone daily.  Hopefully my levels will go back to at least Zone 2 quickly and I won't have to do this extra for too long.  Anyone have any hints on how to lay for the shot?  I feel  uncomfortable laying on my stomach even with a pillow.