Wednesday, April 29, 2009

P+8 and other stuff

This is the first time in a few months (and only three or four times in the last year) where (as of yet) I have gotten to O/P+8 without spotting/bleeding. Dr. Hilger put D and I on a 3 week antibiotics course which we start on P+1. I can't be sure, but it would be nice if it was stopping whatever is causing the crazy bleeding.

The antibiotics give me a stomachache and they give me a bad taste in my mouth, but it's worth it if it moves us closer to conceiving.

D and I went to NJ for his cousin's wedding last weekend. It was fun and we got to see all his family who we only see about twice a year. We are actually going to send a letter to his grandma, and ask her to pray for us with regard to infertility.

S (the 3-year-old girl I nanny for) punch me in the face today. I'm hoping that her parents can deal with her in a way that will reduce that kind of behavior.

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  1. Wow, how did you react when she punched you in the face. I bet you were so stunned. I will pray for you and her family. I wonder what caused that outburst?
    J and I had to do those antibiotics and they left our mouth tasting like metal. We were so happy to finish them. I am so glad you are not having any spotting right now or irregular bleeding. I need to call you soon. Sorry for the delay. I don't feel like myself these days, I find my mind wondering and worried about way to much. Sending prayers your way. Have yall come up with any ideas about moving up your surgery date?