Sunday, May 24, 2009

Green stickers (AKA My Crazy Chart)

I was looking today at my stickers for my Creighton Chart to check if I needed more yellow stickers (yes I do). I also learned that I still have FIVE sheets of plain green stickers and I've only used 5 plain green stickers since September.

Here's a count of what I've used since September:
Red: 134
Green: 5 (as I already mentioned)
Green Baby: 5
White Baby: 75 (some of those are before I started with yellow stickers so it's higher than it should "really" be)
Yellow: 25 (since December)
Yellow Baby: 10 (since December)

The good(ish) news is that I finally stopped spotting after CD 12. Now I just have to wait for 10C/KL.

I hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day, and don't forget to keep those who have given their lives for our country and their families in your prayers.


  1. As long as your cycles are "managed" with the yellow stamps, don't worry about using too many of them! The important thing is that you are able to id your point of change (I assume you are on pre-Peak as well as post-Peak YS?)- I rarely use green stamps pre-Peak, too. Now I only use them in the post-Peak for pasty discharge (which, if you have, you'll be able to do soon, too- it makes the chart look better to have more green stamps post-Peak, imo!!)

  2. my pre-lupron break chart was FULL of yellow stickers (and white babies before i started charting with the yellow stickers).

    my practitioner and napro doc gave me the same advice as TCIE has written above. i have so many green stickers left over it's crazy!