Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One out of six

You've probably heard the statistic that one of every six couples in the US is infertile, and my cousins and I are a perfect example. I have 5 cousins (on my dad's side) that have children (most have two and are younger than me) and had them without any real infertility problems (the longest it took any of them to get pregnant was 10 months). On our vacation, we visited them and we were asked by five different relatives when we were having children (I've only shared our IF problems with one cousin). We had fun hanging out with their kids and D held my cousin's 7 month old for 45 minutes (very cute), but it was hard to see what we don't have (especially since almost all are D and I).

The weather was not ideal on our vacation (cool and rainy which is not great for swimming and other water activities). It was great to see my family that I hadn't see in 2 or 3 years. We drove the 30+ hours straight through, so that was tiring.

I did ovulate during our vacation on CD 17, and I'm P+8. However, I started bleeding/spotting today. I started the nutrition plan yesterday from Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon. I'm hoping that it'll at least get me in healthy shape for after my surgery. I'll get into more detail and let you know how it goes later.


  1. Wow...I haven't heard any recent statistics about IF so that is quite shocking that the number is one in six now. Hmmmm.....sounds true in my life too. Bummer.

  2. Those are such sad statistics. I bet that was hard to be around so many little ones, but a blessing at the same time to see those you love.
    I have lost your number. My cell phone broke and I lost all of my contacts, but the number for it is the same. I just put the cardi in my husband's old phone.
    I can't wait to hear about your diet. Did you get M. Shannon's lastest edition of the book? I need to go buy one soon.

  3. It would kill me if all my cousins had kids... luckily for me, none of them do except the 1 older cousin on my dad's side, but we never see her.

  4. that's a pretty crazy statistic!

    i have two cousins, both younger than me, who have kids. one of them got his girlfriend pregnant on prom night (yes, he was 18 at the time!). the other, got married at city hall despite being a cradle catholic, marrying a cradle catholic. they weren't even trying!

    it's tough being around them sometimes since we've been married for longer and are financially stable (my married cousin's wife had to go back to work early because they couldn't afford for her to stay home. we have paid maternity leaves that are one year long in canada!).

  5. Sounds like a lot of driving! That must have been hard to be asked by so many people about having kids. Did you come up with different responses to everyone to confuse them?

  6. i was reading "real simple" and they had a statistic that 11.8% of women have difficulty conceiving.

    i guess if anything, we are an "elite" group.

    completely understand your feelings of being around kids and always getting the questions... my husband's family is the same way - we are the one grandkid/couple that has no kids... and he's the second oldest, which gives even more of a sting.