Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm quite boring right now

There's not much going on here. I'm on CD 12 and I'm waiting for good 10C/KL CM (and hoping that the brown tingedness of the 8C will go away). We haven't used a day (of fertility or not) since Labor Day weekend. I'm turning 29 in 4 days (Sunday) and I'm trying to figure out if friends are coming for dinner.

I had a stomach virus on Friday and was very sick, but thankful was able to go see D's sister that night and go "home" and see a friend on Saturday.

I talked to my mom on Skype (they are living out of the country for three years), and she's doing pretty good.

I'm ready for it to be December and surgery time. I'm ready to get this over with.


  1. don't you just hate the brown tinge. so aggravating.

    enjoy your dinner with friends!

  2. Argh! I hate the brown tinge!!!

    I can't wait for you to have your surgery!

    Enjoy your dinner!