Friday, October 30, 2009

River in the Street

Me last year by our front porch. The water was higher at the back of our house. We had some bags of dirt that we used to sandbag the door just in case. This time the water only got about 6 feet from the house.

D last year by the fire hydrant in our yard (this time you could actually see some of the yellow part of the fire hydrant). Please ignore how crazy D looks and the beard, he shaved it right before his sister's wedding.

Our street flooded again last night. Thankfully no water got in the house and we only got about 2 inches in our detached garage. In May 2008, the water was about an inch from getting in the house. I have pictures and video from this time, but they're not loaded on the computer yet. I'll post them when I load them on. It, of course, started raining heavily about 7pm and I stayed up until 11:30 watching to see what was happening. D stayed up even later since he was super worried (understandably so), and we both had to be at work at 7. The bad part is that it still hasn't stopped rain, although it's now much lighter. I hear that our area was on the Weather channel nationally last night because of the flooding and tornados (one that knocked down a church steeple...the church that the family I nanny for goes to) in the area.

I started spotting this morning. The crazy thing is that I also started a new cycle in May 2008 right after the flooding. I'm fine with not being pregnant this cycle since my surgery is in 5 weeks and we already have the plane tickets. I am, however, disappointed that I only made it to P+12 before starting to spot. I really hoped I could make it to P+14. I'm not sure yet if this will be CD1 or not. T-40 days until surgery!


  1. I hope your house doesn't flood. I saw that story about the church steeple and it hit a car! I thought I heard the guy in the car was okay...he must have gotten out or something for that car looked pretty totalled. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    I had to drive home from class in a torential down pour myself. It was really nerve racking! We have gotten so much rain this year and most of it is coming down when I have my night classes and I have an hour drive home!

  2. our news guys kept telling us we were going to get part of the heavy rain before the front, and maybe even some of the severe storms. we ended up with a little bit of rain, but not at all what y'all got. glad you made it through!

  3. That's crazy! So glad you were able to keep dry. Are you in a low-lying area? Our old street would flood (by a creek), but our house was up high on a hill so we didn't have to worry about it but I watched that creek like crazy.

    I can't see the pictures. Do I need a secret decoder ring?

  4. I can see the pics now. Wow!

    14 dpo today? Thinking of you.