Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Half Birthday, my little K

K turned 6 months today.

She is wearing some 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes, but her new fall clothes will be 6-9 month  size.  She is still in the small prefolds, but we will probably be moving to the mediums pretty soon.

She can sit unassisted without using her hand whenever she feels like it.  She usually gets bored with it but has been more willing to do it lately.  She is still army-crawl/scooting everywhere like crazy and has been getting onto her hand and knees (or hands and feet) a lot more lately.

She is still mainly taking 30 minute catnaps, but she will occasionally take naps that are 1 hour or more.

She is also starting to spread out her eating more.  She hasn't been particularly interested in actually eating the solids I offer her.  She often only takes 1 or 2 bites, but we are going to persist and continue trying every day.  She has tried avocado, banana, sweet potato and yogurt.

She has a pink zebra lovely that she sleeps with.  She will be moving into her room to sleep on Sunday, after her aunts leave from visiting this weekend.

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