Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cloth diaper update (almost 7 months)

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K is almost 15 lbs.
Right now we are using: 
3 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Prefold Medium (Red)
8 Flip One-Size Covers with Snaps 
Snappi Size 1 Triple Pack 
Baby washcloths (I have about 3 dozen I think) as wipes
2 Fuzzibunz One Size Diapers 
Thirsties Stay-Dry Hemp Insert, Small
Fuzzibunz Hanging Diaper Bags
G Diaper Flushable Inserts (when we travel, etc.)
Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large

I've packed up what she's outgrown:
2 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Prefold Newborn (Orange)
6 Thirsties X-small Covers
3 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Prefold Small (Yellow) 

We don't use the wool cover anymore because the snaps came loose twice:Little Beetle Little-to-Big (One Size) Organic Wool Cover with Snaps

At this point, we've been almost exclusively cloth diapering for about 6 months.  When she goes to the nursery during my bible study at church, she wears the Flip cover with a G diaper insert.  We haven't had any clothing-affected blowouts despite some bad possibilities.  The Flip covers have kept everything in.  We even use the prefolds when traveling to my in-laws and grandparents, since we can wash there.

She is finally wearing the medium prefolds, which are supposed to fit until 25 pounds, so she may be wearing them until she is potty trained.  I got 3 dozen because for a while with 2 dozen I was having to wash almost every day.  She likes to wet after you take her diaper off and sometimes I was going through about a dozen a day.  Thankfully, the number of diapers she is going through has slowed down, although she still likes to wet when her diaper is off.

I'm no longer using her Little wool cover because we had problems with the snaps coming loose from the cover.  I would like to get the Babee Green wool cover in medium (which is supposed to fit 15-25 pounds) when we can afford to get 1 or 2.  It is supposed to avoid the problem of the snaps getting loose and coming out.

Here are the things I would like if we are able to have another child:
2 or 3 Mommy's Touch Newborn Cover- for before the umbilical cord falls off, the Thirsties were a little too big for 6 pound, 6 ounce K when she was born and we ended up using disposables. They are like a newborn version of Flips that fold down for the umbilical cord stump.
1 dozen Green Mountain Prefolds Preemie size- to go with the Mommy's Touch Covers
2 Babee Green wool covers, small (fits 8-18 pounds)

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