Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Money and Infertility

This post is a C&P from the Nest. A girl C&P about a girl asking the multiples board a question about working with twins since she was about to undergo IVF and the C&Per commented in a way that was insulting to the original poster.

This was my reply:
Dealing with IF causes you to have to make difficult financial decisions. You have to save up to see an RE, for treatments, and still be able to afford the child that will hopefully be the end result of all of your expenses. Getting pregnant (even with treatments) is generally easier when you are younger, so time is not your friend. You have to balance what you can afford and debt with the fact that you have a limited amount of time. This is especially an issue if you are hoping to have more than one child (non-multiples). Multiples is a concern in IVF, but most REs limit the number of embryos transfered, again trying to strike a balance between increased likelihood of getting pregnant and the risk of multiple and the accompanying complications.

Additional comments:
The reason that we aren't currently pursuing treatment or additional testing is financial. D wants to be in a better financial position (with less debt) before we spend money on testing and treatment since our insurance doesn't cover IF. I don't even want to go back to my dr (ob/gyn) about the bleeding (still happening by the way) since they couldn't find any answers and it just seemed to be a waste of money. We can afford a child, but we can't afford testing and treatments right now to get a child. Thankfully I'm still under 30, so it's not as if we only have a year before AMA. When we do get testing and treatment, it will be through an RE and hopefully it will be around the beginning of the year (in less of course I get pregnant by then).

Edit (9/3/08): I have realized that it's a good thing that ART isn't covered by our insurance, although testing should be covered in my option. We might have jumped into ART without thinking about the morality of it. However, the financial aspect of dealing with IF is there whether you follow the Church's teaching or not. Treatments for the physical causes of IF are likely not covered under insurance for many people, and adoption is expensive as well.

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