Monday, January 12, 2009

Cycle #16

Yesterday was CD 1, as expected.  I was praying yesterday at Mass that I would at least have a clear CD1, since I've been bleeding for more than a week.  I said a prayer of thanks that my prayer was answered.  

D read a little of my blog yesterday.  He has known about my blog for a while, but he hasn't read it before.  I don't think that he found it very interesting, but I guess I'll find out if he keeps reading.  

D has been trying to lose weight off and on for a while.  He gets down close to his goal, but has problems maintaining.  He seems to sabotage himself (especially by having too many beers).  I have been praying for guidance on how to help him to be able to stay on track and that God will help him stay on track.  Note: the next part is not bragging just information.  A small bit of the problem is that I'm at or under the weight that I need to be, so I'm trying to figure out how to help him while keeping myself where I need to be.  I cook homemade meals except for one day a week, but he often goes out for lunch (partly stress relief).

D is going to start back with basketball, but I need to figure out how else we can both stay active.  I have gotten back into doing yoga after stopping for a couple months, but D doesn't like the same type of yoga I do.  

I know that I shouldn't be worrying about this, but there's only 3 more cycles for me with a chance for a 2009 baby.  

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  1. I'm sorry that cycle 16 has come!! I am thinking the same way as you...only 3 more cycles left for a 2009 baby. Hopefully 2009 is the year for us!!