Saturday, January 24, 2009

With regard to the letter from Dr. Hilgers, plus a cycle update

A couple of people have commented on my last post about the letter from Dr. Hilgers, so I thought I would make a post response instead of replying to each.

  • I live in NW Louisiana for those who didn't know.  I am not aware of a Napro doctor close by.
  • When the nurse calls on Tuesday, I'm going to find out about my options for treatment and prices (and how to find out about insurance coverage).  
  • I'm going to see if the bloodwork can be done locally so I could get it done relatively soon.  I would also try to see about getting the u/s series done locally if possible.
  • Since our parents are from Houston, if there is a doctor in Houston since that would be easier than going to Omaha.  
  • I haven't talked to D yet about everything since we went out with a friend of ours last night and he's working today.
  • I have to see if my employers (I'm a nanny) have any upcoming vacations since that would make it easier for me to go either to Houston or to Omaha.
  • I can't really make any decisions until I've talked to the nurse on Tuesday and have more information.  I'm going to try not to worry about it too much until then.
  • I'm very much looking forward to moving forward in getting my body healthy and normalized.
Cycle update:
I'm on CD 14, and I've had 10C/KL (very fertile EWCM for non-Creighton charters) since CD 10.   We took advantage of Wednesday as a day of fertility, and I'm hoping to use today too.  If I o at my normal time, I've still got a week to go (aaahhh).  

I got a St. Anne medal and a Miraculous Medal on Thursday when I went to the local Catholic bookstore, and I started a Novena yesterday to St. Anne.  Gram (D's grandma) enrolled us in The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal for our anniversary.

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  1. I am so glad you are on your way to finding out some answers! How exciting. I am in Southwest LA and we got to travel to Omaha for my surgery. I was able to do my bloodwork locally and then it was packed with Dry Ice and sent to Omaha. They found out so much information just from that so you will finally have some answers! Praying for you!