Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review 2008

My 2008:
January- After the end of a long cycle, I see my ob/gyn and take my first round of clomid.
February- Get a BFN after the first round of clomid.  Begin second round of clomid.  
March- Late ovulation on clomid (day 28).
April- Another BFN.  D's 26th birthday.  Third round of clomid, triggering with hcg.
May- Another BFN. No more clomid.  Started Vitex, Evening Primrose Oil and B6.
June- Unexplained bleeding starts right after ovulation followed by BFN.
July- Still have bleeding after ovulation, BFN.  1st wedding anniversary. See ob/gyn about bleeding, but blood tests and an ultrasound give no answers.  Take provera to hopefully stop bleeding.  
August- SIL's wedding.  Still having bleeding after ovulation, BFN.
September- Learn about and begin Creighton charting.  Stop Vitex and EPO.  Still have bleeding after ovulation. Start break cycle.
October- My 28th birthday.  No bleeding after o on break cycle.  
November- First cycle trying again, long cycle with double peak and bleeding just before ovulation.  Sent letter to Dr. Hilgers.
December- Long cycle ends, BFN.

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