Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Saturday

I just remember that I didn't tell you about last Saturday night while we were out with friends to see a comic. D and a friend went out after D got off work Saturday, and then they picked me up to go to dinner. At dinner, I caused serious injury to my toenail by hitting it with the bathroom door. After I got back to the table, D manage to step on it.

We then got in my car (D drove) to head over to see the comic. There was a stopped train that caused us to detour, and as D was going back out to the street we need to be on, he hit a curb and popped my front driver's side tire. We pulled over and they put on the spare; however, the spare was flat. I had to drive superslow the mile to get to where we were going. Obviously, at this point, I'm not in a good mood. We sit down with our friends and some of their friends to wait until it was time for the show, and one of the women we were with was pregnant (visibly so she was probably about 6 months along). It was just one of those things that I didn't really want to have to deal with during an already crappy evening.

Yesterday, however, was a good day for the most part, except for me stressing myself out about stuff to get done.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary! Hope today was a great day!
    I did get to read your blog yesterday and your wedding picture was so pretty. Your gown was gorgeous and you two looked like you were on cloud nine!