Monday, July 20, 2009

Same outcome as usual (cycle update)

I got to P+7 , but I started spotting/bleeding today. I hate have to deal with it over and over again for 2 or more weeks straight. I'm so glad that I'll be calling in 2 weeks to schedule my surgery. I really want to know what's causing my crazy bleeding since low progesterone seems to have been ruled out.


  1. The cause of my premenstrual bleeding was chronic infection and antibiotics took care of it!

  2. I took the 21 day course of antibiotics in May, but have had bleeding the past two cycles.

  3. your spotting sounds so much like what was happening to me! my napro doctor treated my ureaplasma, luteal phase defect and the only thing that was left was endo. i hope and pray that if it is endo that it isn't as bad as mine is!

    i'm sure that surgery will bring you many answers!