Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men and IF

The Misfit at Being Infertile posted about how her husband finally showed his feelings about IF.  Her post got me thinking about the difference in how men show their feeling about IF.

I know that I've had issues where I got really frustrated with D because it seemed like he didn't care about all the IF stuff.  I think there are a few big issues that cause it to be difficult to see the pain that our husbands are going through with IF.  The first issue is that I think that often they don't want us to see their pain.  They are trying to be strong for us.  It's really hard for both people to be highly emotional over long periods of time, and we usually do need them to be our rock.  The second reason is that the men handle the intense emotions differently than women do, and men often have a hard time even acknowledging certain painful emotions (like sadness and depression).  We get frustrated because we don't see them showing their emotions the way we do.  Our husbands can feel intensely about IF, but we may only see small glimpses of it.

And on a complete different note, I've actually updated my recipe blog recently (I started in January but didn't do much with it until October).

27 days until surgery.

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  1. The place is actually pretty close you! I think it is very rare that they do infant adoptions, but you just never know and it makes me wonder why I discovered it at all.
    Have fun at your concert this weeked, is that when you said it was? I like Matt's music!
    We will have to plan something.